Interests engineering, mechanical and technology many people developed very early. So when it comes to the moment in which the very structures out of blocks stop a young person interested in, the time comes to robots and educational kits for their production. Perfect goods from the RoboRobo. For children and young people, they are a great way to deepen knowledge of the structure and functioning of the robots, without the need for time-consuming design and independent execution of the required elements.


Chassis - type
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The design is simple, as laying brake

Robots, educational created by RoboRobo refer to the actions for children are obvious: the installation of structures made of blocks. In this case, however, the set is not a house, but a specific design, for example, a crab, or a car, which then "comes alive" thanks to prepared for her program. Little people sets RoboRobo do not feel in this regard, no concern whether they will cope with the installation and putting the unit into operation. And when assembled its own robot educational and create a sequence of actions, don't even know what to implement first major project in the field of robotics and his own oprogramowują! The creators of the sets RoboRobo took care, however, and that, in order to ease the task for beginners electronics. Project support is for PC Rogic with user-friendly graphical interface.

For children and adolescents

The educational robot RoboRobo is available in two versions. The first of these is the RoboKids RoboRobo kits designed for children six years of age. These robots are different colored elements, making established its relationship to children with the dice for the game. Despite this, the feature sets are quite "real" electronics, including a set of sensors and motors that will help the robot to move. These kits can be programmed with simple, illustrated programming language in the form of ready blocks. The second series of educational robots designed for elderly users are sets RoboRobo RoboKit. In addition to the serious appearance (the items mainly decorated in black with white key and metalicznymi elements), these kits are designed to work with PC Rogic.

A clear study of robotics for schools

RoboRobo is a manufacturer of high class educational kits recommended for schools. Great learn their spatial imagination, foundations of mechanics, support logical thinking and encourage them to be creative and develop new solutions. Conducting studies using RoboRobo easier by the fact that these sets were divided into three levels. Each of them is all more and more items, which allow you to build robots educational about the growing number of functions and higher degree of complexity of the design. At the same time, in addition to whole sets of transmission experiments to a new level, you can use upgrade-s – sets, parts, complementing the set below, so that its contents will not match the set indicated above the figure (for example, Upgrade from 2 to 3). RoboRobo allows for construction of several to several tens of projects of the same elements is what makes the adventure with electronics, for children and for schools will not end too quickly.