ArduCam - cameras for Arduino

The potential of Arduino computing power enables to create many unique designs. Take advantage of the sensors and advanced modules that give you unlimited possibilities. One specific example that ought to appeal to both robotics enthusiasts and automatics specialists is the Arduino camera. Specially for our customers we have prepared a wide range of products that will meet their expectations and that are truly affordable. Check out our offer!


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The application of ArduCam

It would take us a lot of time to list all the projects that can make use of a camera. The most common uses of such accessories as Arduino camera include: camera traps, video recorders or robot tracking modules. Examples are endless and the more creative the designers, the better. In case you need any inspiration, Arduino books can be found in other categories available in our offer!

Advanced modules with powerful components combined with high-end software are able to recognize shapes, figures and even objects. It’s a wonderful solution when it comes to automatics and robotics as it can be installed in vehicles, automatic gates or vacuum cleaners. As a result, the cleaning robot will be able to avoid obstacles and the automatic gate will open only when a person, car or a motorcycle approaches it. All the settings depend on the designer.

Which Arduino camera to choose?

One can state that the more expensive the equipment, the better. It doesn’t have to be true in each and every case, however, when it comes to Arduino ArduCam, the popular saying turns out to be quite accurate. Why? The more expensive the module, the better the components used and this in turn translates directly into a much bigger matrix, resolution, frame rate and consequently also quality.

The reaction time and frame rate are particularly important when it comes to designing a camera trap. You can immediately notice the difference when testing high quality cameras and comparing them with the cheaper ones. A camera trap constructed with low-end components will probably leave only a blurry profile of the intruder while professional equipment will accurately capture the details. Remember to match motion sensors appropriate to your set - without them the lens will not be able to work properly.