ArduCam - camera to Arduino

Currently produced laptops, smartphones and tablets have a built-in digital camera. In addition, you can explore in a separate web camera and USB camera for video surveillance systems the image on the objects. Many of these devices has the ability to record 4K video and Full HD, however the price is often very high. The best solution is the ArduCam camera for Arduino. This decision on an affordable price while maintaining good quality records. Easy connection and broad color definition, allowing you to create many interesting and practical projects that require precision detail.


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What is the ArduCam?

ArduCam camera modules, designed with the idea of the projects on the Arduino. We offer in our store camera ArduCam available with a resolution of 0.3 MPx up to 10MPx, and allow you to take photos and record external memory formats: JPEG, RAW, YUV and RGB, as well as recording of short scenes, with a built-scalonemu matrix. Communication with the Arduino through the SPI interface. In addition, you can build more advanced project, connecting multiple cameras to one ArduCam Arduino. ArduCam also works with other integrated systems that support the interfaces SPI, GPIO or I2C interface, such as, for example, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black. Camera modules ArduCam have a USB connector, and some of them include the " global shutter which scans all the pixels of the image occupied by a specific through-the-lens naświetlając them as parallel, thanks to cz EMU allows to get very accurate sharpness of the smallest details of the image.

For what purposes you can use the camera ArduCam?

Camera ArduCam will fit perfectly in projects of IoT (Internet of things), such as remote monitoring of the image or with the battery in the field - in close-up photography of nature where the connection of multiple cameras to cooperate in the parallel mode, which will allow you to photograph the object at the same moment at different angles of view. It should be borne in mind that due to the limited bandwidth of the SPI interface and limited processing power of the microcontroller, the camera must be securely installed - hypertension strikes and rapid camera movement can cause image blurring when recording. In addition to Arduino, webcam ArduCam can also work with other platforms based on mikrokontrolerach AVR and ARM, DSP and FPGA. Connecting the platform with the ESP8266 system, we can transmit the camera image over the wireless network.