Drivers for LED strips and panels

Drivers for tapes and belts, LED - LED Lighting has now become the standard. Not only the interior design shops, shopping centers or restaurants, and clubs are rozświetlane through side panels and LED strip. Lighting semiconductor wdarło with power even for street lighting, exterior illumination of buildings or bridges, not to mention the usual apartments. To obtain interesting optical effects are not enough, but the tape itself – it needs to be equipped with the appropriate LED controller. In this category you will find all necessary drivers for the LED strip. LED driver is a device to create interesting lighting effects and lighting.


Voltage to
Voltage from
Nominal power
LED wavelength
Cable length
LED - type
LED - color
LED - digital
LED - stream
LED lighting angle
LED shape
LED mount
LED bulb - thread
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LED lens
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Products by page

Products by page

An LED driver All colors of the rainbow

Led drivers and provide accurate tuning of the color and brightness of the strip led. When choosing the right solution, is to reflect on the intended use. LED driver Bluetooth or wi-fi ideal for bedroom or living room where it easy to determine the parameters of the lighting via mobile app or web browser. For club or restaurant, a good choice would be the LED controller has a built-in amplifier for RGB powerful output power – up to 288W, which will allow you to control lighting even large areas. For small systems are ideal drivers for LED strip with remote control infrared port, connectors for output compatible with the fields of the contact information of standard LED panels.

Connection of LED driver

Most of the drivers for the LED strip is powered from a DC voltage source, mostly in the range 12 - 24 V. you Should always make sure that the selected controller LED provided the power settings to the manufacturer's specification – before connecting, be sure to check the supply voltage and the power output of the power supply. Very important is also the specification of the permissible environmental conditions – some LED drivers can operate in the open air if given the temperature and high humidity (for example during heavy rain). Led control using the wrong driver may present a risk of electric shock, so always carefully read the instructions for this driver.

Solution open – circuit boards and modules to control the LEDs

In addition the finished device in our offer you will also find drivers for LED panels, perfect to use prototypes and modules as the larger devices. Driver SparkFun with the combined generator PWM TLC5940 allows you to control the LEDs using SPI interface – you can fill up 16 LEDs directly from the module. Each channel separately adjustable current source with a maximum capacity of 130 mA, kluczowanym a PWM signal with filling ustalanym using the programmable registers of the system. A small tile Adafruit FadeCandy allows a simultaneous control of the led digital WS2811 or WS2812 with USB interface up to 512 channels! An interesting solution are also modules that allow you to control the lights using gestures or touches – smart mirror lights as soon as you touch him.