Drivers for LED strips and panels

LED technology has become so widespread in the lighting industry that it is difficult to imagine today an effective and energy-efficient lighting system without LEDs and all the luminaires in which they are used. Therefore, it can be concluded that LED lighting is no longer a luxury, but a standard. It also creates great opportunities associated with light management, changing its intensity and color. Using universal LED tapes, we can get an original light decoration with interesting optical effects. For this purpose, it is necessary to install the appropriate drivers. They allow for controlling the lighting and adapting it to our needs, the current mood, as well as the climate and atmosphere that we want to arrange in the room at this point. Check what drivers for LED tapes we have prepared for you to enable you to create spectacular light illuminations in the living room, bedroom, children's room, kitchen and outside - in the garden and on the balcony. 


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Products by page

Products by page

Smart LED lighting. How to choose a driver for LED strips and tapes? 

The controllers for LED strips and tapes are designed to be controlled using a remote control or wall panels, as well as small devices that are mounted between the power supply and the receiver. The work of LED drivers is based on various technologies. You can choose between infrared or radio frequency drivers, they can also be simple as well as completely manual. We can distinguish between multi-channel controllers, which allow you to control several lighting zones using only one remote control. User convenience, in turn, is characterized by a touch controller, in turn, for the installation of extremely high power we choose RGB drivers, which are able to meet such a difficult challenge, also must have a high power. One of the options available on the market is also the RGB DMX DMX driver, which processes the digital signal DMX512 to PWM signal. More and more willingly, users choose WiFi LED drivers. They work on home Internet networks, in which WiFi technology is used. 

LED strip controllers can perform many functions. We will use them, for example, to regulate the intensity and color of light. We can dim and brighten the light to create the ideal atmosphere to suit the current circumstances. Moreover, when it comes to RGB tapes, which emit different colors, we can create many light scenes and spectacular illuminations. We can change the colors as desired, and also set them in such a way that other colors automatically appear. Such solutions are commonly used in bars and clubs, although they are also increasingly common in homes, especially in smart buildings.  

Connecting the LED driver step by step 

LED strip controllers are mostly 12-24V DC power supply. It is very important that the LED driver has the parameters provided by the manufacturer. To be sure, we always check the current efficiency of the power supply and supply voltage before connecting. LED tapes are mounted both inside the building and outside. You need to know that not all drivers can be used outdoors because they are not suitable for low temperatures, rainfall and high levels of pollution and ubiquitous dust and dirt. Therefore, the controller must be adapted to the conditions in which it will work. There are special models with a high level of tightness, protected against the influence of the weather, which can be successfully used in the garden, on the balcony and terrace. If the driver is not properly matched to the LED tape, environmental conditions and electrical installation, there is a risk of damaging the entire system and even electrocuting people in the immediate vicinity. 

Our offer includes drivers for LED tape with Bluetooth or WiFi, with remote controls and touch panels. LED drivers to control brightness, color and light intensity.