LEDs IR infrared

Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light and therefore invisible to the human eye. The wavelengths of the IR range from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometers to 1 millimeter (300 GHz). Light emitting diodes often operate in the range of near infrared from 700 nm to about 1500 nm. The infrared LEDs have many uses in industry, medicine, science and technology on the protection of consumer rights. The IR LEDs are often used for communication, for example, fobs for remote control, as well as high power infrared LEDs as spotlights for IR cameras (so you can shoot at night active).


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The led transmitters and IR port to communicate with the IR

Infrared is one of the oldest ranges of electromagnetic radiation, which is used for communication. Due to the fact that the light from the IR LEDs, even a lot of power, not visible to the human eye, often used infrared LEDs in the systems around us - remote controls, oświetlaczach for CCTV cameras or access control systems or alarm systems.

A wide range of discrete infrared diodes

Discrete LEDs infrared often used elements in remote-control systems. Receivers of the light pulses from LEDs of the infrared radiation are typically dedicated to fototranzystory or infrared photodiodes, which are connected further to respective decoders of the transmission. In the catalog of our store you can find a wide range of discrete diodes IR radiation in the standard housings of the LEDs, as the led modules, for example, high power LEDs.

LEDs IR illumination for cameras

High power IR LEDs are often used as illuminators for cameras operating in the infrared range. Most image sensors made from silicon, where the maximum sensitivity is the range of visible light, but goes back even to 900 nm. Because of this, these cameras can “see” the IR port that is often used in video surveillance systems using Webcams videos. The IR LEDs are often used to illuminate areas of observation for this kind of camera. Systems operating in the infrared are preferred because the light is infrared LEDs is not visible to our eyes does not prevent, for example, people who live near the viewing area.

The modules are intended for development kits

In our product range you can find not only led IR high power discrete diodes or the infrared port. You will find there are also modules designed for integration with development kits, or IR floodlights, designed for cameras in the popular operating systems of computers jednopłytkowych. Available in our store modules with diodes infrared standards compliant, Grove, Arduino ecosystem and other popular systems, educational and developers. Because of this, it is easy to integrate the IR LEDs in the author's projects, without the need to design printed circuit boards, connections of the system on the contact plate and soldering the whole “spider.” In addition, using ready-made module with the IR diode, you don't have to worry about the driver or the calculation of the led current, how to swim.