Accessories for belts and tapes LED

Accessories for belts and tapes LED

Thinking about interesting interior decoration, you can't forget about the inspirational lighting. One of the most popular methods to highlight interesting projects is the use of LED technology, but rather, strips and strips of led, which is possible in a very simple way to use this to highlight setup, or for exhibiting paintings and sculptures. Minimalistic form and low cost of purchase-this is an interesting alternative to seats or other ways of covering interesting elements of the interior.


Voltage to
Voltage from
Nominal power
LED wavelength
Cable length
LED - type
LED - color
LED - digital
LED - stream
LED lighting angle
LED shape
LED mount
LED bulb - thread
Tightness class
LED lens
Energy class

Inspiration easy creations

Watch completed projects of interiors and buildings, panel and LED strips are often their element. Using the accessories for straps and LED strips, a simple and cheap method, we can create a unique interior own interior. Through the use of LED lighting, we'll take care of the environment, in addition, it will allow us to save in the accounts, as it is believed that LED technology is five times less energożerna than advertising, and even 75% less than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Light emitting diodes

Choosing from a range of LED lighting, you should pay attention to the choice of diodes is belt or tape. Not always more, the led shines better. In addition to the diode it is necessary to see how many LEDs is on a roll. The collection opens with 3528 led quantity 300 PCs per 5m, suitable for very low light, decorative. Further led 5050 where to 5m 150 pieces for the appointment of a weak and decorative lighting under suspended ceilings. Another position 2835 150pcs per 5m, medium decorative lighting and suspended ceilings. The 3528 LEDs in quantities of 600 pieces. 5m is the average decorative lighting. Type 5050 300 PCs per 5m can serve as conventional lighting. 2835 where to 5m - 300 PCs. this is a hard light. The review closes led 5630 300 PCs per 5m as the lighting is very strong, the only lighting in the room.

Mercy technology

LED lighting has changed millions of homes and apartments. Through the use of LEDs in small sizes, you can create a very attractive form of lamps and lighting fixtures. Small niches previously unavailable to conventional incandescent bulbs, have been used effectively strip and ribbon led. Accessories for belt and LED strips allow you to connect a separate tape in the whole system and create unusual projects. LED technology is the increased durability, great value luminacji with a small current consumption. Buying Led, also note the markings CRI (Colour Rendering Index). Those who are looking for proven and reliable solutions we invite you to familiarize with our offer, where you can find accessories for belts and LED strips at very affordable prices.