Segment displays and LED matrices

Displays segmented, LED can display numbers along with dots and some letters. LED consist of points in the form of LEDs that can be individually controlled.


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Products by page

Products by page

The matrix LED in the field of robotics, hardware, electronic and advertising

Most panels can be combined with each other, forming even larger and more complex designs. Every day we pass in the street, banners, based on LED technology, which catch the eye due to the sharp light. If you come across ads that you see on the matrix of LEDS, be sure to pay attention to it and check what is written there.

You should use them in their projects, as they can also be used to indicate battery capacity or display the error information. Do not need detail and a lot more expensive than LCD displays are TFT and IPS, which are their potential use in more complex instruments. Even high-tech systems and robots created from simple parts. Remember that the less complex sites, the lower the risk of a potential accident.

The displays are segmented in everyday life

Many people don't realize that the segment display is located almost in each apartment. They work great as a clock or timers, for example, in microwave ovens, an oven and heating plates.

As you can see, a simple display 7 segment can find its application in all devices – be it a kitchen appliance, automatic gate, or even a toy or a measuring instrument. Using motion sensors and computing power of the Arduino (or any other minikomputera), you can perform a very efficient system for counting people entering and leaving the building, area or even region. It's a great idea to stay in the Parking lot in order to know how many cars are currently located in a certain place.

In this category you will find a range compatible with the most popular minikomputerami. We always focus on highest quality and the best manufacturers on the market!