Extenders findings

We offer extension modules conclusions this IP or small modules that allow the connection of additional lines I / o for the microcontroller. This is a great solution in a situation when the initial number of outputs not enough to accommodate all the tasks necessary to fulfill the purposes of the project. We have a wide selection of expansion modules that can expand the number of insights about the different number of contacts.

Extenders findings

In the category of extensions we offer several different solutions. Our range includes small chips in PDIP for mounting THT (installation przewlekany), as well as more powerful modules (with wlutowanymi chips). To connect the device to the controller, use the pre-prepared socket (e.g., for I2C), conclusions, prepared for the installation goldpinów or goldpiny.

What do we offer?

Our product range includes a wide range of modules that are ready-made solutions. You can choose one of them to use in a simple, fast way of pins extending in is way, the capabilities of your microcontroller. We have devices that are adapted specifically for use with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Banana Pi, but also suitable for other processors. We have, among other things, the expansion modules number of outputs 8 or 16 outputs (analog or digital, often also bi-directional pins). Can expand the number of output I2C, GPIO, PWM, and many others. Mux Shield II is the proposed extension module of the findings, designed for Arduino, which is able to increase the number of pins up to 48 pins (can work in two directions, as digital or analog inputs).

In offer we have also a small chip in the DIP package, designed for installation problems (THT). These devices are the cheapest way to purchase your own expansion module to expand the capabilities of its microcontroller. If you create your own device, in which the importance of its size or weight, this is a great solution for You. We offer modules that are ready projects that use such devices, but they are adapted for different tasks. You can create your own tile which will be optimized for the needs of Your device - just put your other necessary components and thereby save space.