Although RC helicopters are considered most people for toys, lovers of robotics and radio controlled, approach this subject very seriously. It is worth noting that this is often a complicated construction, which really began the history of drones. We recommend you to familiarize with the offer of our store, where we all will find an assortment based on your needs, requirements and complexity.


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RC helicopter – first fun, then competition

Buying the first product, most customers think about the gift that should make users happy – even if it is a purchase for yourself, the purpose of which is entertainment on a Sunday. Often, however, with new skills, clients choose all the best equipment and models that are more powerful options – you can say that Sunday's hobby is starting to turn into a passion.

RC helicopters can be used in various ways, for example, performing tricks in the air, various barrels, flying upside down and flips. For people who have the capacity for large objects with plenty of space, more interesting alternative may be a race of remote-controlled helicopters. During such events, activities and competitions, you can expect a really large amount of adrenaline, dizzying speed and special cunning fighters.

Helicopters and systems design

Although the remote-controlled helicopters available on the market for many years, and their modern technical equipment at the highest level, they are the perfect place to start adventures with the preparation of projects based on intellectual minikomputerach – even experienced developers, they are able to find this place a unique inspiration that can change the technology.

In our store you will find everything You need to create a unique design flying. We as controllers of the flight, as the drive motors javelins that are required GPS modules and system, responsible for signal reception from transmitters. If you don't know how to choose the right assortment to maximize its potential, we invite you to contact our team of specialists will gladly answer all messages!