Drones Tello

Drones are probably the first devices that are capable of flight, which broke the hegemony of the traditional models flying. Enthusiasts have found them, however, much more applications than just the flight to the target, a race or to perform more or less complex evolution in the air. Modern drones can perform a very serious job (for example, to make photographic documentation), but they are a minority krewniacy ideal for entertaining, and even... ... education. In this category we placed the drones Tello that will appeal to electronics enthusiasts from these areas.


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Smart drone about the great opportunities

Drone Tello weighs only 80 grams, and its length and width does not reach even 10 centimeters. Thanks to this success fits in the palm and be able to perform the assigned mission, even indoors. Flight range up to 100 m will allow You to take him in. Mylife Tello this drone is typically a surprise. Simple, intuitive control with your smartphone makes it a perfect choice for people who are just starting the adventure with quadrocopterami. Even the launch of the device is intuitive via the draw drone up. Despite the simplicity of control, this model Tello will provide its user a fun (literally) a very high level. Features for the EZ camera Shots, to facilitate easy video recording, intended for publication, for example, in social networks. Thanks to the support of technology, which the company got from the famous brand DJI managed to obtain very good parameters of flight and a more stable camera images.

UAV learning programming

You need to "lure" a drone to do complex tricks in the air, it's a great motivation for learning programming. With this purpose was created the drone Tello Edu. Together with the device, the user drone also gets a set of cards called Mission Pads. Each panel has an individual IDENTIFICATION number is recognized before the drone – therefore, it becomes possible to assign pads mentioned evolution which quadrocopter should perform during the flight. Fun and learning is more fun when you attract a greater number of drones to perform synchronized stunts. The key question in the case of the drone Tello Edu, of course, the process of its programming. With a set of learning becomes very simple and, in particular, learning the language Python, Scratch or Swift. Simple interface to learn the basics of coding comes down to the editor with the schemes available, which can be combined according to the principle of "drag and drop".

Drones and artificial intelligence

Drones Orkut Tello offers users a simple introduction to the world of artificial intelligence. Quadrocopter can learn to recognize objects. It can also learn moves performed by the person and react to them accordingly (with 3D reconstruction). I should add that before planning more breathtaking missions, you can purchase (sold separately) in a special cage. It provides reliable protection and a soft, substantial portions of the device (especially screws), no indications of air flow.