Cameras and recorders

Image recording is still one of the areas that is undergoing rapid transformation as a result of advancing technological development. Even ten years ago, none of us dreamed of flying machines with cameras, which can be previewed from the ground through special goggles. And in 4 / 8K resolution! Until we discover and control other dimensions, the image will be extremely important.


  • Camera to Arduino and Raspberry Pi Camera to Arduino and Raspberry Pi

    A small camera modules and camera allow, in particular, to the automation of control processes of production in modern factories. They can also be a perfect tool for carrying out research on artificial intelligence, or just make any project using the web camera. Our product...

  • Lenses for cameras Lenses for cameras

    Lenses for cameras - Official special camera for the Raspberry Pi has a lens built depending on their own needs, we do not have the possibility of self-disassembly and installation of other lenses in their place. If you are doing macro photography and Your requirement is to...

  • Imagers Imagers

    The thermal imaging camera is a device using the latest technology. It shows the ability to change infrared into an image. This allows us to make measurements and observe temperature differences. Thermal imaging cameras have a wide range of applications. They prove themselves...

  • Recorders automotive Recorders automotive

    The DVRs allow you to consolidate the route and events on the road. Such a record is indispensable during controversial situations (for example, difficulties in identifying the culprit or stop by the police). Standard logger for the car, saves a picture of the events on the...

  • Sport camera Sport camera

    In this category we offer a sports camera designed to capture images and sound in difficult conditions, for example during physical activity or at public events. Thanks to the special design, the majority of the sports cameras that can withstand the extreme conditions such as...

  • IP camera IP camera

    IP camera is a device that is able to integrate the camera with transceiverem with the Protocol. This device receives control data and sends the image data via the Internet. So, cameras are widely used for surveillance of premises, shops, etc. unlike the analog cameras of...

  • DVRs for IP cameras DVRs for IP cameras

    Recorders for IP cameras allow you to view and record images from IP cameras. It is an essential element of systems such as surveillance of buildings security property with video equipment. In this category we offer DVRs for IP cameras, and hybrid devices that allow you to...

  • Diagnostic camera Diagnostic camera

    Camera diagnostic is used for fault diagnosis in hard to reach areas, to conduct surveillance and monitoring of results. In this category you will find scan cameras of various types: among other things, endoscopes, and cameras, visual inspection and microscopes and smart...

  • Character generators Character generators

    Even the simplest operations relating to the processing of static images that require significant computing power and volume of RAM. If the challenge is live, and, in addition, it should be implemented in real time without noticeable delays, the matter is complicated by much...

  • Kamery internetowe Kamery internetowe


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Products by page

Products by page

Therefore, in this category you will find a number of different devices for video reception. We present modern cameras for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, infrared cameras, car recorders, sports cameras, inspection cameras, IP cameras and video recorders for monitoring systems. In addition, in this category you can also buy very good camera lenses and drone lenses. We have various photographic accessories, elements for cameras and recorders. Also check sports cameras in Botland.

You can use our devices yourself or as part of your project. Most of these devices will be compatible with your robotic or IoT project. Choose what you need in Botland now!

Cameras and recorders

Whoever does not record video should leave this category first. Obviously, today we cannot imagine how to live without cameras that we have in the form of advanced devices and even in mobile phones.

Cameras and recorders also work well in professional applications. They are an essential element of monitoring and vision systems. Modern monitoring sets ensure very high detection efficiency. Cameras and recorders are also elements of many other electronic projects in the field of robotics and industrial automation. It goes without saying that if you are building an interactive robot, you must give it 'eyes'. Devices presented in this category are also a useful tool in everyday life, for example for sportsmen immortalizing their struggles or drivers who want to take care of road safety.

Standalone recorders and specialized cameras

Our offer includes a wide selection of cameras and recorders that can be used as stand-alone video recording devices. Here you can find, among others, hard-wearing sports cameras and car recorders. The former will work in every situation also when the weather conditions are very difficult. In turn, sport recorders will provide you with safety in the event of an unfortunate traffic incident. Thanks to them, the police can easily determine which driver actually made a mistake.

In addition, in this category we also present many models of specialized cameras, including thermal imaging cameras (also connected to smartphones) and inspection cameras (endoscopes, microscopes, intelligent cameras, vision inspection cameras for home and industrial automation), as well as IP cameras, which together with A suitable video recorder can be the basis for creating a monitoring system at home or in the workplace. Most of the cameras available in our store are intelligent models that have the ability to communicate with other devices, transfer data to the network and other interesting smart features.

Also familiarize yourself with devices dedicated to programmable electronics. We have cameras that are integral with the Raspeberry Pi and Arduino systems. Such products will be a great extension of your project!

Choose a video device for your project

The range available in this category includes many camera models, camera modules and accessories for use in robotic, automatic and electronic projects. Check out our products compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other popular microcontrollers. You can also find spy cameras, night vision cameras, fisheye cameras and thermal imaging lenses. We recommend what every robotics enthusiast likes the most, i.e. advanced artificial intelligence modules using cameras (for example, enabling face or object recognition). What's more, we also offer the purchase of many useful photographic and video processing accessories. Among the presented products you will also find other types, rarer lenses and lighting modules. We also have IP security cameras. You can see the preview from such a camera on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world (if you have access to the Internet).

Whether you're looking for parts for robots, consumer electronics or ways to secure a vehicle or property in Botland, you'll find everything you need. We invite you to place orders and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!