Each machine – as an Amateur and a professional designer is well aware that control, sensors, and software for robots is only half the battle. Equally important are properly chosen disks, wheels, fasteners or ready-made chassis. As well as in other areas of technology, each application has slightly different requirements and parameters, therefore remember to at the very beginning of the project, to select appropriate mechanical components. In one of the categories you will find even the wonders of modern mechatronics – gimbale designed to perform stable motion shots and sharp shots.


  • Mounting components Mounting components

    A wide range of components for the manufacture of robots, vehicles and various electronic devices. We have a wide range of bolts, nuts, gears, chassis, screws, and other elements that allow You to complete assembling Your project. Botland store also offers wall mounting...

  • Wheel Wheel

    The wheel - Even a popular electronics do not move the work to the millimeter, if the system will not be relied on chassis equipped with wheels or caterpillar. In our product range you will find a wide range of drive systems , designed for all kinds of cars or robots. There...

  • Servos Servos

    Servos are devices that will certainly enliven the motility of Your electronic project. They are especially popular in the widely understood automation, robotics and simulation, mainly in vehicles with remote control. Design and method services control allows you to control...

  • Engines Engines

    Motor electric AC and DC - In projects that use the phenomenon of rotation or vibrations, is indispensable the use of machines that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. In this task, is best proved electric motors that are present among us in everyday life, many...

  • Stabilizers Stabilizers

    Photography is extremely interesting and mysterious hobby, but it is also one a gold mine for people with the relevant skills and artistic ability to see the world through the glass of the lens. In the era of digital HD cameras – dslr, bezlusterkowców and compact...

Products by page

Products by page

Wheel, wheel, rings,

Among mechanical parts available in our store you will find a very broad subcategory of wheels for almost all types of mobile robots. We offer both classic ogumione wheels fitted with tyres with bieżnikami different depths, like a smooth wheel, designed for racing robots mini-sumo. In the toughest conditions ideal polyurethane wheels with a very high adhesion to the substrate. If you plan to build a robot moving on a very rough or uneven terrain, be sure to check ready-made sets of elements to build a crawler. A particularly interesting type wheels, omni wheel, which allows for the construction of so-called robots holonomicznych (ie – simply put – the ability to move in any direction without rotating the whole structure).

Drives for all applications

The wheels themselves, but that's not all – we need more drives. In our offer you will find as stepper motors, DC and BLDC motor as actuators linear actuators rotary type EDF, and even... vibration motors, similar to those which are used in games controllers and mobile phones. In the category motors you will find also different kinds of miniature pumps, ideal for small hydraulic systems or any type of slot machines. Among DC motors and stepper we placed the motors with reducer, which can achieve large torque, without having to design and build transmissions. In addition, we have a wide range of servos simulations, including lightweight micro servo for small models and miniature robots as reliable servo drives with supported drives.

Mounting components for robots and not only

If you have already chosen the perfect rims and wheels, do not forget also about the main elements of the installation that allow You to combine all the robot elements into one solid whole. In our store we offer various types of engine mounts, chassis is ready, grabs or design pan/tilt for use with the services. We offer adapters for motors, fasteners – bolts, nuts and washers, as well as elements of drone and robots flying: propeller sets and przejściówkami, for mounting on the ramparts engines of various sizes. If you decide to build your own gear ratio – we deliver also all kinds of sprockets, gears or pulleys details.