The mechanics becomes more and more sophisticated. Both amateurs and fans as well as experienced professionals today use sensors and advanced software and drivers to communicate with machines. However, mounting elements or drives and wheels are also important, as they are the second group of key elements for design success. Mechanical parts have to be selected with regard to a specific project, so we first make a plan and only then we complete all necessary elements. We must consider all parameters, design requirements and our individual expectations. In our offer you will find everything you need to build a complete set of mechanical parts needed for your project. These include, of course, drive wheels and drives, as well as complete assembly kits and individual parts, which in turn are responsible for a solid construction and resistance to any mechanical damage.


  • Mounting components Mounting components

    Build a robot, electronic device and smart vehicle using not only automation and efficient drive, but also often underestimated mounting elements, which are responsible for the stability and robustness of the structure. Sometimes these are small parts of great importance,...

  • Wheel Wheel

    The wheel was invented in the mid-4th millennium BC in Mesopotamia. At that time, it was not yet expected to play such a major role in the development of technology in the future. Today no mobile robot or machine can move without wheels. They are the ones that make it possible...

  • Servos Servos

    The servo is a closed-loop control system with feedback. It is the basic equipment of every remote-controlled mechanism, so it will certainly work well for all robots. Due to it, the control surfaces and components in the machine move. The servos are available in different...

  • Engines Engines

    Motors are essential components of all electrical devices. They are used in machines and robots, allowing them to perform specific work and actions, move and respond to user commands. An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, so that a specific...

  • Stabilizers Stabilizers

    Photography is an art that requires not only talent and skills but also the right tool and equipment. It is a hobby in which a lot depends on the completed equipment. It is not enough to have a camera or a camera, but to some people it is just a smartphone, which today is as...

Products by page

Products by page

Mechanical components and drives

Automation of a robot or other device is not the only area that should be considered when planning a project. Mechanical components have an equally important function, but due to the rapid development of robotics and automation became somewhat overshadowed. However, it is difficult to imagine a mobile robot without driving wheels, especially if it is to move in difficult terrain. Wheels are not a universal product. They are available in various variants, such as classic rubber wheels or smooth wheels, which are perfect for racing robots. We also offer polyurethane wheels with above-average adhesion to the ground. You can also opt for components designed to create a caterpillar chassis. This is a highly advanced special task robot that can handle the toughest conditions and demanding terrain. Have you heard of holonomous robots? They are equipped with omni wheel types that allow them to move in all directions without having to change the position of the whole robot structure.

All wheels need a drive without which they cannot move. The drive unit is of course a motor, which can be a stepper motor, BLDC or DC. Rotary drives, linear actuators and vibrating motors are also available. If you are planning a small hydraulic system, you will need miniature pumps. You want excellent torque. Choose a motor with gearbox. For small models and low-demanding projects we recommend a micro servo. More robust servos have bearing gears and will be suitable for more technologically advanced robots.

How to bring all elements together?

To create a robot, you need not only a smart system and individual components, but also assembly parts that combine them all into one complete unit. There is a wide range of grippers and pan/tilt designs in the shop, as well as several types of engine mountings. You will also find ready-made chassis, which will allow you to significantly reduce the time of the project and minimize the risk of error. You will also find a variety of joints, including screws, nuts and pads. If you're building a flying robot, don't forget about adapters and propellers. Would you like to build your own propulsion gear? Then use our range of gears, pulley components and, of course, gears. We offer a wide range of mounting elements, without which no robot or machine will be built. The stability of the structure depends on them, but also to a significant extent on their purpose and adaptation to specific conditions, which is particularly important if the robot is to move in difficult terrain or even be a flying unit, such as a self-built drone. So have a look at our shop, where a wide range of assembly parts and other mechanical components are available.