Smart watches are becoming an increasingly popular element electronics noszonej. These machines were exhibited on many wrists, perform a variety of functions. SmartWatche allows you to see all notifications from your smartphone, receiving calls, or control other functions of the phone. In addition, some of SmartWatchy designed to work independently for monitoring people, especially children and the elderly. Have a built-in module for communication in mobile networks, and GPS receiver, allowing them to continuously capture a user's location, for example, the guardian.

Smart watches – a wide range of devices electronics noszonej

SmartWatche can perform many different functions. For any occasion and for each application there is a corresponding device. In our store you will find many different "smart" hours – from typical devices to view notifications from your smartphone, using fitness bracelets that monitor our exercise, before and after, is designed to monitor children watch is equipped with GPS for easy tracking device.

Fitness bracelets

There are many ways to monitor the progress of workout in the gym. The most advanced of them use regular measurements of the pulse or the number of breaths during exercise, in addition to the usual check the weight or body composition. Special SmartWatche significantly simplify this kind of measurement. Armband fitness is, in principle, the unified medical monitors in the form of hours. These devices are equipped with multiple sensors designed to control exercises. Measure heart rate, body temperature, steps taken and other settings. The device may be connected, for example, a mobile phone that stores data and our statistics.

Watch with GPS for kids

In the modern world we would be able to keep an eye on our children all the time. Of course, this is not possible, and disappointment parents should look for alternatives. The solution can be a special SmartWatche with built-in geolocation and communication using the cellular network. This watch allows you to track child's location in real time, as well as communication with him at any time. Just call the number assigned to the device and you can talk to your child or listen to what is happening in his environment.

Elegant SmartWatche

The assortment of our shop you can find also an elegant smart watch that is ideal for your business. These devices not only look good, but offer many useful features. Skomunikujesz this SmartWatch with your smartphone via Bluetooth. On the built-in screen, a wrong interpretation of the notifications sent from your phone. Because of this, no need to reach that some time in the pocket, your smartphone, and you can see everything clearly.