Power supplies on a DIN rail

Industrial systems are usually mounted in cabinets with DIN rails. In this wardrobe it is better to install power supply on DIN rail for power supply devices in such installations. No matter what in the closet are the industrial automation system, or network equipment, power supply DIN will be an integral part of the installation. Network device most often will need a 12V power supply, and for industrial 24V systems. Both types of power supplies you find in our online store.


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Sources of DC power for installation on DIN rail

Power supplies DIN is main power devices, are used everywhere where the use of standard DIN rails for installing devices in automation, communications or energy. Power supplies on a DIN rail based most often on switching converters AC-DC, that means, one input of which is applied alternating voltage, and the output we will find a stable constant voltage, for example 12V, is often used in data transmission systems.

ZUniwersalny DIN mounting for installation in the rack

What is DIN rail? This is the metal bracket of a standard type widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control devices inside cabinets rackowych. These rails are usually made of sheet steel with finish in galvanic coating - galvanized wire or chromianowanym. Although these rails are metal, designed exclusively for mechanical support and are not used as szynoprzewody for the conduction current, although they can provide a connection to ground. Power supply units for DIN rail mounting available in packages, plastic, double insulated, but they found that the DIN rail is connected to ground potential. Remember, however, that such combination will not replace the cumulative grounding point to which you want to apply all the other points of the earth in the system, including power supply DIN.

A wide range of electrical parameters

Available in our store power supplies on a DIN rail characterized by a wide range of parameters, if we are talking about voltage input, output and power systems. All power supplies DIN available in our offer is designed to work with a variable output voltage of 230 V, i.e. such that there is in the socket, in particular in Poland. The difference between individual models is the range of valid voltages. Some of them are designed to work only with 230V (200V - 240V), and some of them are designed as versatile and works with a wide range of input voltage (e.g., 90V - 264V). Output voltage stabiliziruemost level 5V, 12V or 24V. They are normally used voltage in industrial systems and ICT. In our product range are power supplies different power from 10 WATTS to 100 watts.

Compact power supplies for installation in industrial

Through the use of converters switching power supplies DIN even high power, have small volume, therefore, does not occupy much space on the bus. Use a power supply unit for DIN rail mounting, for example, 12 V allows you to take a box in the closet much less space than the installation of a special AC power adapter, or another type of food in the selected case. In addition, through the use of bolted connections of SHEETS, requires only minimal space for connection of wires to the UPS, and the cables should not be installed in special connectors.