Connectors 2.50 mm raster

Connectors bitmap represent one of the most frequently used types of contact elements in virtually all types of electronic devices. Although the main purpose of these components is the transmission of digital and analog signals in many applications the connectors of the raster is ideal for small power modules and even entire complex printed circuit boards. In this category you will find the raster 2.50 mm connectors – both the case and the compatible contacts to be crimped.


Conn Type
Conn - Standard

Raster, that is a bit on the size

Called "raster" is specified in the case, connectors, and housings of integrated circuits and other electronic elements, the distance between the axes of adjacent pins. In the case of the connectors of the raster, the most common values for this parameter is 1.27 mm, 2.50 mm, 2.54 mm, 5.0 mm and 5.08 mm. it is Easy to notice that few of these values are "round" metric values. Others are derived from the Imperial system of measurement from which electronics are very willing. 2.54 mm is exactly 1/10 of an inch (i.e., on the electronics – 100 mils). 5.08 mm 200 mil, 1.27 mm and corresponds to the length (size) 50 mil. While it may seem that the difference between a 5.08 mm 5.0 mm pomijalna, but for longer connections (number of terminals 3 or more), niepasującego insert the connectors into holes in a printed circuit Board difficult or impossible. So you should always pay attention to the exact value of the raster.

Connectors bitmap – types

The most common connectors of the raster is made in the form of a pin header connector for PCB (male), and compatible with connectors (plug, socket), crimp on a separate wire bundles. In the case of the connectors for the print are available as simple models, and angular, and some series of connectors offer a choice of method of installation (przewlekany or on the surface). Amongst connector bitmap you can find options for single and double row, with different number of contacts (from two to several dozen or more). An additional difference is the method of protection from accidental disconnection from the tractor. The simplest goldpin connectors are not fitted to the manufacturer additional mechanical elements, while more complex connections can be wide in different kinds of latches. These supplements, by the way, play the role of protection against reverse connection.

Connectors wire-to-wire"

In our offer you will find a raster 2.50 mm connectors designed for joining type "wire-wire". These connectors are present in the version for male and female, the difference is not only in the form of contacts, but also in the design of the body element. It is very important that the connectors are 2.5 mm – speakers in most commonly used sizes from 2 to 4 contacts – have the latches that protect against accidental disconnection from the tractor caused by the jerk or vibration. The mechanical design also prevents reverse connection that provides reliable protection from damage, or even burned electronics.