SMA connectors

SMA connector - we Offer high quality SMA connector for use with the installation of WiFi antennas, GPS or GSM. In the same way as the BNC connector, SMA connector is used for connection of coaxial tubeswhich serve to transmit signals of high frequencies (18 GHz). The specific design of the coaxial cable, making the signal inside the cable is not exposed to magnetic and electric fields outside the cable apart from other electrical devices without disrupting their actions, by their magnetic or electric field. Check offer male (plug) and female (receptacle) SMA connectors, adapters, and PCB connectors.


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SMA connectors

Coaxial cable used today primarily to transmit weak signals at high frequencies. Inside the cable fits steel or aluminum, copper wire or twisted wire of copper or steel. The next layer is a dielectric, which acts as internal insulation - it depends on the wave resistance of the entire digestive. The next layer is made of plastic (usually copper or aluminum braid), who is also the conductor and provides protection from electromagnetic interference, obtained from the environment. Outside of the inserted elastic insulation, similar to that in conventional wires. Electromagnetic field through which the signal goes from one end to the other end of the cable exists only in the space between the inner and outer conductor. Due to this coaxial cable you can safely put them near electronics, metals, without losing signal quality. SMA connectors play a key role in this process. Very low resistance (50?) such elements allows you the freedom to get the signal to the receiver without distortion and interference. SMA connector is one of the most popular connectors in the market.

SMA connector - application

SMA connectors are used most often in wireless networks, in pipelines conducting the signal from different kinds of antennas (e.g., TV antenna in the house, the WiFi antenna to boost the signal or GPS antenna). You can use a socket to mount your device on the PLC Board, for connecting cables, or repairing damaged connector. In order to correctly use a cable with SMA connectors, you have before each connection, carefully clean the connector (preferably compressed air) to the inside there was no dirt. Thus, supported by SMA must remain fully operational for about 500 compounds.