Memory, eMMC and micro sd Odroid

Miniature computers Odroid from Hardkernel have a special attribute advantages over other computers jednopłytkowymi, which is that after disabling the memory module eMMC using external USB adapter, it is possible to rewrite the contents of its memory. With adapter microSD to eMMC you can check the details of the operating system added to the map and check the contents of the hard disk on an external computer and execute the software update. In our offer you will find a wide selection of SD memory cards and microSD.

Products by page

Products by page

Memory modules of large capacity pre-wgranym OS

Processor Samsung Exynos-4412, which is the "heart" mini computer Odroid XU4, X2, U2, U3, Q and Q2, equipped with eMMC 4.41 interface on the maximum data transmission speed 100 MB/s at the frequency of the timer and is 48 MHz technology DDR. In turn, the processor Exynos-5410 embedded in the models, the XU+E and XU-Lite, the eMMC 5.0 interface. In a series of XU interface is used eMMC 4.5 HS200 mode support, in which the maximum data transfer rate is 160 MB/sec at the frequency of the timer and is 160 MHz for SDR technology. And Odroid XU3 Board uses the Exynos-5422 and support HS400 mode of eMMC. Clock clock is 166 MHz with a bandwidth of 330 MB/sec for DDR technology. The range of shops available Botland, mostly memory modules eMMC 5.0 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Depending on model, memory modules have loaded Linux or Android.

Useful accessories for eMMC cards

When you install an updated version of the operating system on Your card to eMMC Odroida will need a card reader that allows you to load data from a microSD card. Available in our store reader has easy operation, high performance and high data transfer performance, which is even more important in case of eMMC card. In our offer there is also a reader for the eMMC card, which communicates with the computer through a USB 3.0 port. When you connect the eMMC card reader to connect it to the USB connector on the computer. Illumination of the red led on the reader means to connect to a computer. After completion of the data interchange use in the operating system of the computer with the option "safely remove hardware" and gently remove the reader to a USB port.