Food Odroid

Due to the rapid progress in semiconductor technology, more and more devices available on the market, works on the basis of electronics as APPLIANCES, ELECTRONICS, automobiles, machines for road works, musical instruments, automation budynkowa and many other varied categories. This situation leads to an increase in the requirements parameters of the sources of supply – also in case of devices for embedded systems such as the Odroid. We have prepared a range of power supplies and power leads, intended for the Odroid platform. We invite you to familiarize with our offer!

What are the main aspects relating to power supplies for electronic devices?

The basic parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing the optimal power supply device, it is primarily nominal voltage of network nominal output voltage, maximum current output connector type output and – depending on its type, the polarity of the output voltage. Adjusting the output voltage of the power supply should have high efficiency and resistance to interference in the case of fast switching loads. Most of our models minikomputera Odroid requires power using a power supply with an output voltage of 5 VDC and maximum load current of 4 A. A for minikomputera Odroid H2 provided by the power supply at the same speed of loading, but with output voltage of 15 V. we Offer power supply modules compatible with Odroid and have a connector circular cross-section and an internal diameter of 2.1 mm and an outside diameter of 5.5 mm, suitable to the power connector on the Odroid boards.

Smart power cost SmartPower2 for the system Odroid

One of the main features for developing embedded systems is the analysis of parameters, informing about their demand for electricity. Among the many types of quality tests is important to check the efficiency of software integrated in the OS depending on the parameters of the power source. We offer tile Odroid SmartPower2 is the ideal tool to perform such tasks. In a large simplification is an intelligent power module that can periodically record and store in memory parameters such as supply voltage, supply current and load mocowe power system for purposes of analysis and optimization of energy consumption, food minikomputer. The user can read the measurement results on integrated LCD display type 1602.