Enclosure Odroid

The appearance on the market in February of 2016 mini computer Odroid was a real revolution in embedded systems, especially due to the application of high-performance processors with high computing power. In addition to modules in a mini computer Odroid, we also offer numerous accessories specialized, and among them the case. With the installation of Your Odroida in a dedicated building, equipped with holes for connectors and air vents, you not only care about the aesthetic side of this minikomputera, but the housing also protects the electronics minikomputera from unwanted influences from the outside.

Why the use of housings for electronic devices is of great importance?

Housings find wide application for both mobile and stationary. Perform many practical functions, in particular, allows, if necessary, at a convenient movement of the device from one place to another. At the design stage, installation and operation, housing represents a frame for the composite components of the device. The correct installation of the mechanical elements of the device in its case is one of the factors that ensure the normal operation of the device. In addition, the use of panels also has a protective function – the case protects internal components, protecting them from dirt, obtained from the external environment.

Special enclosures are intended for modules Odroid

As each electronic device, and printed circuit BOARDS, modules, Odroid you can also install in the housing. To this end, the Botland store have prepared for You a range of enclosures designed specifically for the construction of the mechanical minikomputera Odroid. Housings are available as models made of metal or plastic. Vents provide proper ventilation and cooling minikomputera. Housings are available in black, black and white, but there are also versions transparent black and transparent. Interesting design, we offer housing for minikomputera Odroid C2 design which provides a mechanical mount on back of monitor or TV.