Odroid modules and KITs

Raspberry Pi minicomputers used by both hobbyists and professionals enjoy the greatest popularity when compared to other embedded systems available on the market. Although the platform has enormous potential, it cannot be used in all projects.


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In order to meet the increasing demands, in February 2016 Hardkernel, the Korean company, launched the Odroid project with even greater computing power. Check out our offer and discover the huge potential of this minicomputer!

Odroid - tiny minicomputers…

Odroid minicomputer modules ensure high performance during many different tasks. N2, one of the models available in our store, has a built-in Amlogic S922X processor, with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz, consisting of a 4-core ARM Cortex-A73 circuit compatible with the 2-core Cortex-A53. The graphics are provided by the Mali-G52 GPU card. Built-in DDR4 RAM has 4 GB of memory. Among the connectors available on the Odroid board we need to mention 40-pin GPIO, four USB 3.0 connectors, one micro USB 2.0 OTG connector, HDMI 2.0 connector, 1 Gbit/s Ethernet connector as well as the UART communication connector known from the Arduino system.

… with impressive hardware and software

The N2 minicomputer is also equipped with slots for eMMC and microSD cards. Attractive accessories built into the Odroid's PCB include an infrared receiver and digital-to-analogue converter with a resolution of 32 bits and 384 kHz sampling frequency, which thanks to the 3.5 mm TRS analog jack output ensures high fidelity audio files. N2 is compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 or Android 9 Pie operating systems. The power requirement of the Odroid N2 is approximately 1.6-1.8 W, and it can reach up to 5.3 W at maximum load.

Odroid Go - create your own portable video game console!

To celebrate the tenth birthday of the Odroid project, Hardkernel launched a self-assembly Odroid Go kit available in our store. The kit contains all the components necessary to construct a portable video game console, similar to the Nintendo Game Boy console popular in the 90s. Apart from the sheer pleasure of playing on the console, during the assembly and start-up the user can also acquire practical knowledge of hardware and software. Believe us, the satisfaction from having your own console is priceless!

Also check low ESR capacitors available in our offer!