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Choose only the best equipment that will provide you pleasure and satisfaction during work. LCD displays are currently the most popular solution, which is preferably selectable via demanding customers.


  • Alphanumeric and graphic displays Alphanumeric and graphic displays

    The use of LCD displays in intelligent electronic equipment, is something completely natural, that opens huge opportunities. We offer unique products which have the best quality and universal application in our customers ' designs – we invite you to familiarize with...

  • E-paper E-paper

    Screens technology e-paper do not tire the eyes as do traditional displays. This kind of device can be used for reading e-books and e-journals.

  • LCD TFT and IPS displays LCD TFT and IPS displays

    Displays with LCD screen and TFT LCD IPS with wide viewing angles. Also available in version with a touch screen.

  • OLED displays OLED displays

    Graphic screens with energy-efficient matrix type OLED (organic light-emitting diode).

  • Segment displays and LED matrices Segment displays and LED matrices

    Displays segmented, LED can display numbers along with dots and some letters. LED consist of points in the form of LEDs that can be individually controlled.

  • VR 3D glasses VR 3D glasses

    Glasses for smartphones designed for viewing 3D videos or playing games in virtual reality.


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Products by page

Products by page

Thousands of possibilities and the robust design, i.e. LCD displays in action

Functional and versatile solutions always conquer the world, no matter in what field and industry they are in, will always be very popular, as well as living in the hearts of the customers for a long time. LCD displays offer huge opportunities, due to the fact that You will find products based on the display of the numbers (different sizes, volumes and ranges, for example, 2, 4 or 8 digits, with government a certain size), subtitle (2 lines, 16 characters, etc.) or simple graphics characters. (for example, those that were used in older mobile phone models). LCD display is the main equipment for lovers of automatics and robotics, so all constructors based on intelligent systems Raspberry, Arduino , or other, should have them in your assortment. The capabilities offered to customers are endless, because it is a simple and popular product, can play the role of the main informer, system alarming, and even act as a Communicator – the limitations lie only in the imagination, and most of the advice relating to the construction, you can find online.

The continuous development of LCD technology

Color and touch LCD screens have long been conquering the market of electronic equipment who likes proven solutions increasing the comfort of use. If we imagine life today without smartphones, touch screens in laptops or even comfortable touch navigation in the car? Probably most people don't because we got used to it to such an extent that we cease to notice LCD displays, considering them as the basic equipment with which we are constantly confronted – another example can be, in particular, oven or microwave oven showing the time, temperature, specified program and the time remaining until the end of the operation. We encourage everyone to familiarize with the offer of our shop Botland, where each technician (regardless of the extent of their skills) is the best quality LCD displays that meet the most inflated expectations.

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