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Displays and screens represent one of the most popular solutions among the output devices (in the case display technology LCD TFT and IPS can also be used to enter the input data) to represent information in the form of a sequence of characters after the letters, numbers and special characters. In our offer you will find, in particular, LCD displays, TFT, IPS, OLED, e-paper and displays, segment and matrix RGB LED. Most of the models display has a built-in specific driver - just connect the display to the microcontroller.


  • Displays alphanumeric and graphical Displays alphanumeric and graphical

    LCD monitors (LCD) - this is a very good offer for people involved in electronics and programming, as in the frame hobbystycznym as a professional. Built-in serial interface and a dedicated control unit provides easy connection of the LCD to the controller. LCD displays are...

  • Displays e-paper Displays e-paper

    Electronic paper (e-paper display) is a type of screen that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional flat panel displays which emit light, electronic displays like e-ink reflects light like paper. This makes it easier to read - provide a wider...

  • LCD displays are TFT and IPS LCD displays are TFT and IPS

    LCD displays - TFT and IPS - If you have ever used a smartphone, tablet or PC with the touch matrix, it is likely to have dealt with LCD display-type TFT, the structure of which is based on thin-film transistors. Such a display can simultaneously perform the function of input...

  • OLED displays OLED displays

    OLED displays Since the introduction of mass production, OLED displays have gained immense popularity in many applications, displacing the traditional LED displays and monitors with cathode-ray tube CRT. The design of OLED displays based on semiconductor technology enables...

  • The segment displays and LED matrix The segment displays and LED matrix

    Segment displays are very commonly used elements, whose task is to display information consisting of letters, digits, or special characters . With the help of binary signals generated by the control system segment display, you can enter the information you want to view and...

  • VR 3D glasses VR 3D glasses

    3D glasses is a key part of virtual reality systems. They provide for Your eyes data that allow you to achieve the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality. VR glasses create two separate images for the right eye and left eye. These images are slightly different from each...


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Products by page

Products by page

Displays segmented - simple, functional and timeless

The display segment can display letters, numbers and other characters based on the segments in the form of vertical (or inclined) and horizontal Contracting in the form of a figure “8”, often with an additional segment in the form of a dot in the lower right corner of the display. Individual segments of the display are LEDs connected in the common cathode or common anode. To control the displays in the hardware method, you can use the 4511 layout in CMOS technology for displays operating in the common cathode, and for displays connected in a common anode can be included in the circuit system 7447, made by technology TTL.

LED - the perfect combination of functional and visual advantages

LED constituted of LEDs arranged in a two-dimensional Board. They can display various messages, signs, and animations. By mail, the location of the LEDs in the matrix is done in two ways - form cathode row and anode column, or Vice versa, where the cathode is constituted of a column, and the anode constitute poetry. This system of connections reduces the number of pins of the microcontroller needed to control the matrix. Matrix led can preview the image in multiple colors using, respectively, the mixed proportions, the combination of all three colors - red, green and blue. LED are often used as electronic advertising banners, as additional commercial and przystankowa, as well as the decoration of interiors and facades of building. Find out the details of our proposals in the section of the liquid crystal display.

LCDs - easier to read information on the display control panel

Monitors LCD LCD, use the technology stocks of liquid crystal particles in which, in certain temperature ranges, are moving relative to each other and accordingly form a forming a crystalline network. Thanks to a more developed internal structure of the LCD displays allow the user to obtain information in a more extended range than in the case of a single led, depending on the complexity of your application. LCD displays, for displaying numbers, letters, special characters and graphic symbols. If you are new to embedded systems, and you want to program the display, it is very good option to start will be for You the LCD-display 2x16 characters. This display has a built-in HD44780 chip include registers, data and commands, which represent an intermediate between display and microcontroller, as well as conclusions that are compatible with the Arduino platform, which, in a network accessible library LiquidCrytal.h, designed for LCD displays. LCD display can be the perfect complement to electronic, LCD screen is the most popular solutions on the market.