Odroid modules are available from 2016. These minicomputers are manufactured by Hardkernel from South Korea and have gained very good opinions among electronic device designers. Odroid minicomputers are compared to today's most popular platforms, such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino. If you are planning to build a new device, check Odroid products, because the functionalities of these modules are very interesting. We recommend Hardkernel minicomputers especially if you need a very high performance module. In our store you will find many Odroid models for various applications. You can also choose a dedicated enclosures for them, as well as other accessories. In the Botland store, we offer power modules for Odroid minicomputers, LCD screens, keyboards and modules providing communication interfaces or fans. You can find here order additional memory cards for the Odroid minicomputer - primarily eMMC modules and microSD cards.


  • Modules Odroid Modules Odroid

    Among the many commercially available embedded systems, particularly popular are the tiny Raspberry Pi computers, which are used as skilled craftsmen and professionals. However, despite the enormous possibilities of the platform, not all projects can use it. To meet the...

  • Enclosure Odroid Enclosure Odroid

    The appearance on the market in February of 2016 mini computer Odroid was a real revolution in embedded systems, especially due to the application of high-performance processors with high computing power. In addition to modules in a mini computer Odroid, we also offer numerous...

  • Food Odroid Food Odroid

    Due to the rapid progress in semiconductor technology, more and more devices available on the market, works on the basis of electronics as APPLIANCES, ELECTRONICS, automobiles, machines for road works, musical instruments, automation budynkowa and many other varied categories....

  • Accessories Odroid Accessories Odroid

    Minikomputer Odroid is one of the latest offerings on the market of embedded systems. Has a very good hardware, and can easily compete with popular minikomputerami such as the Raspberry Pi. Like most offer in the market of embedded systems, also think about users Odroida we...

  • Memory, eMMC and micro sd Odroid Memory, eMMC and micro sd Odroid

    Miniature computers Odroid from Hardkernel have a special attribute advantages over other computers jednopłytkowymi, which is that after disabling the memory module eMMC using external USB adapter, it is possible to rewrite the contents of its memory. With adapter microSD to...


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Products by page

Products by page

Large selection of Odroid modules in the Botland store

In our offer you will find four main versions of Odroid minicomputers. These are the models: Odroid C0, C1 +, C2 and Odroid XU4. They are based on Amlogic S805 (first two), Amlogic S905 (Odroid C2) and Samsung Exynos5422 (Odroid XU4) processors, respectively. As for the cores: next to the popular 64-bit 1,5GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53, we will also find a much more powerful octa-core combo processor, including quad-core 2 GHz ARM Cortex-A15 and quad-core 1,4 GHz ARM Cortex A7. Odroid minicomputers work under control of operating systems: Linux (Ubuntu) and well-known Android. RAM memories used in various Odroid modules are at least 1 GB capacity, but can achieve as large size as 4 GB. They also use external non-volatile memory, such as a microSD card, UHS1 memory card (up to 64 GB) and eMMC4.5 or eMMC5.0. Odroid modules from this series have many interfaces, depending on the specific model. Most of them have several USB sockets (mainly USB 2.0) and single microUSB sockets. Serial interfaces such as UART, I2C, or SPI, as well as GPIO and bulit-in analog-to-digital converters are also available. The Odroid minicomputers offer also includes an interesting Odroid Go Advance set with a Rockchip RK3326 processor. It is designed to build your own gaming console. The finished console resembles legendary consoles that were popular in the 90s.

Accessories for Odroid minicomputers

In the Botland store you will find a lot of accessories for Odroid modules. Thanks to them you can create advanced devices with a modern interface. The range of accessories available includes, among others, a touch screen dedicated to Odroid C1 +, Odroid C2 and Odroid XU4 modules. The screen connects to the minicomputer via HDMI. You can also order small LCD displays for controlling less demanding devices. Use heat sinks and fans to efficiently cool the minicomputer. These modules are dedicated to specific Odroid models. The range of accessories also includes USB 3.0 modules for connecting a SATA hard disk and for transferring data to the eMMC internal memory. Also use the dedicated network cards for Odroid. The range of accessories also includes all necessary cables: power, HDMI or SATA. You can also buy compatible connector sets from us.

Cases, adapters and memory cards for Odroid

Designers of electronic devices are concerned about overheating of components in minicomputers. That is why we have included in our store an offer of dedicated housings for Odroid. Compatible enclosures provide effective cooling for components dissipating the most of power. In addition, they protect Odroid minicomputers against dirt and mechanical damage. You have access to all connectors through holes in the housing. To power your device with Odroid use compatible power supplies with Jack plugs, as well as power cords and USB power adapters. In our offer you will find dedicated modules for power control. In the store you will also find dedicated eMMC memory modules with pre-installed operating systems.