We recommend you to familiarize with the offer of the equipment of origin from the company Hardkernel. It is a competitive brand that creates their own equivalent of such popular mini-computers like Arduino or Raspberry Pi we are talking about Odroid. The proposed device represents a serious competition, primarily because of the exceptionally high performance. The range includes modules, Odroid, housing for them, special power supplies, modules wi-fi, radiator, system SATA and a memory card. Check out our offer.


  • Modules Odroid Modules Odroid

    Among the many commercially available embedded systems, particularly popular are the tiny Raspberry Pi computers, which are used as skilled craftsmen and professionals. However, despite the enormous possibilities of the platform, not all projects can use it. To meet the...

  • Enclosure Odroid Enclosure Odroid

    The appearance on the market in February of 2016 mini computer Odroid was a real revolution in embedded systems, especially due to the application of high-performance processors with high computing power. In addition to modules in a mini computer Odroid, we also offer numerous...

  • Food Odroid Food Odroid

    Due to the rapid progress in semiconductor technology, more and more devices available on the market, works on the basis of electronics as APPLIANCES, ELECTRONICS, automobiles, machines for road works, musical instruments, automation budynkowa and many other varied categories....

  • Accessories Odroid Accessories Odroid

    Minikomputer Odroid is one of the latest offerings on the market of embedded systems. Has a very good hardware, and can easily compete with popular minikomputerami such as the Raspberry Pi. Like most offer in the market of embedded systems, also think about users Odroida we...

  • Memory, eMMC and micro sd Odroid Memory, eMMC and micro sd Odroid

    Miniature computers Odroid from Hardkernel have a special attribute advantages over other computers jednopłytkowymi, which is that after disabling the memory module eMMC using external USB adapter, it is possible to rewrite the contents of its memory. With adapter microSD to...


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Products by page

Products by page


Miniature computers Odroid provide serious competition for the Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Device company Hardkernel different even multiple higher performance from its competitors. The manufacturer decided to make its own version minikomputera brand new. Thus it opened the possibility of optimization of heat distribution of electronic components and connectors for connections. This has also created entirely new standards of sizes of such devices. Minikomputer Odroid becomes, therefore, much more favorable conditions to optimize the heat distribution over the layout, where high temperature can damage. An excellent example of the module minikomputer Odroid, model C2. The device is equipped with powerful 64-bit ARM-processor-8 Cortex-A53 1.5 GHz. Tile has a built-in 2 GB of RAM, a Gigabit Ethernet port, HDMI, 4 USB ports, a connector for memory cards microSD, GPIO and 40 infrared receiver (IR port). The device can run Ubuntu or Android. In 2019 will probably be the last Chapter - Odroid C3, which will be even better options. These devices are a great base to create a very technically complex project robotycznego or electronic.

What else we offer in this category?

Our offer also includes any accessories that may be useful when using such equipment. Here you will find a hull designed for the Odroid, which will protect the device from mechanical damages, ingress of dust or water, and will provide the best view. You can also select the power screens, touch modules, WiFi card, heat sinks, keyboards, fans, or even sound cards are dedicated to the Odroid devices. The competitiveness of the Odroid in relation to Raspberry Pi or Arduino is that the price of the device will be lower. Thus, in China there were already a lot of similar plates, on which you can spend less money. That offers the Odroid (and is a real competition) is a very high performance each of the devices.