Batteries and chargers

Time maintaining the drone in flight – without the importation into the ground for changing batteries depends on the mass of the load applied and the actuators, and (to the extent) the quality of the battery. The application of original, high quality battery not only ensures full compatibility and safety of the machine, but also high performance and long continuous working time. In our assortment you will find special batteries for drones brands like DJI do Yuneec.


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Parameters of batteries are worth paying attention to

The value of offer lithium-ion and lithium polymer leads to the fact that many people forget that the quality of water supply, batteries solves a number of parameters. The main ones are capacity, measured most often in miliamperogodzinach (mAh) nominal voltage, is determined in volts (V). Often manufacturers specify the energy equivalent of miliamperogodzin assigned in watt-hours (WH) is the product of the nominal voltage and the capacity (1000mAh x 1 V = 1Wh). Other important electrical parameters, including the method and parameters of charging – often they are served only in the case of a battery that is universal. About dedicated batteries for drones care intended for them in the charger – so, choosing compatible accessories, you don't need to worry about the details. However, if you're building a drone from scratch, pay attention to the discharge current. He served as numerically expressed multiple capacities, for example, from 2000mAh battery discharge current up to 5C you can download more 10000mA, i.e. 10 A.

Batteries and chargers for Yuneec drones

For popular Yuneec drones we offer a complete set of essential accessories, which not only allows the replacement of batteries, worn as a result of intensive exploitation, but will also provide database backup power for longer missions. For professional Tornado drone Yuneec H920 we, in turn, devoted, Li-polymer battery capacity of 4000mAh. Miniature and much easier Yuneec drones Breeze works with battery capacity of 1150 mAh – in our offer you will also find the official charger for the drones of this series, as well as the original wire mesh for battery chargers.

Battery for drone DJI

In our range could not be enough of the official accessories for the perfect drone DJI brand. In this category you will find, among others, original, and intelligent rechargeable batteries for drones Phantom series 4. In addition to significant capacity equal to 5350 mAh batteries have an electronic circuit optimally managing charge cycles – this will allow you longer (25 minutes) to enjoy the unobstructed flight. In addition, the battery received 4 LEDs, giving the ability to quickly check the state of charge. In our store you will find original batteries for drones DJI Inspire DJI Spark and volume, respectively, 4500 mAh battery 1480 mAh.