Drones Syma

Drones Syma - Almost every man once dreamed of flying, although not everyone has the ability or courage to personally take to the air. The perfect alternative to celestial antics have become complex missions made with the aid of drones. The remote-controlled device allows us to develop precision in flight control, also enable to realize interesting videos. Drones Syma is a great offer for those people who are looking for inexpensive quadcopter before experiments with flying designs. Each model is a kind of mini-drone with camera.


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A wide variety of models of drones

In our store you will find a variety of drones Syma – from tiny (slightly over 10 cm in length and width) to really big (50x50 cm). Along with the growth of construction volumes also increased available range (from 20 m in the smallest model Syma X20W up to 70 m in the case of drone Syma X8HW). According to the Declaration of the manufacturer, each of these devices, designed for indoor flight, and in the territory, although it is obvious that the models of large size, of course, to better cope with the mission jeep. Noteworthy is a stylish, modern design – quadrocoptery that you will find in our range, just beautiful and glamorous, and the diverse colors makes the individual members of the "family" drones Syma individual character.

Functionality that you will appreciate

Drones Syma features gyro-stabilization system of the flight operating in 6 axes. Because of this, even during rapid evolution, you will not lose control of your quadrocopterem. Novice users to design flying like a function "headless", which allows to direct the device in any direction, in accordance with the user settings. This means that the order of movement, for example, in the law will result in movement of the drone to the right, from the point of view of the user, not the device itself. Depending on the model, the drone can also hover motionless, fly in any direction, zataczać loop 3600, and even navigate in the so-called intelligent orientation flight. An interesting solution is the possibility of pre-planning of the route that the UAV to overcome during missions. The fact that many models are equipped with advanced camera with a resolution of 0.3 Mpx with possibility of image transmission in real time (so-called first person view – FPV) makes air travel. People who expect from their drone even higher quality video, we recommend, for example, drone Syma X8HW with camera 1 Mpx or Syma X8C with a 2 Megapixel camera, equipped with a backlight.

For a longer and a shorter trip – also at night

A very good idea of the creators design a flying Syma was setting in devices of high power LEDs to facilitate the implementation of the mission in poor visibility – even at night. Instrument control drones Syma works on the 2.4 GHz radio spectrum. The degree of severity depends on the specific model installed in the high was even a small electronic displays. For food quadrocopterów answer batteries li-ion or li and a half, allowing for 5 – 8 minutes of continuous flight. After the mission the unit is charging via USB port (included charger).