Photography is extremely interesting and mysterious hobby, but it is also one a gold mine for people with the relevant skills and artistic ability to see the world through the glass of the lens. In the era of digital HD cameras – dslr, bezlusterkowców and compact digital cameras, and even on flagship smartphones – everyone can become a photographer or Director and to develop your skills and earn at the pictures and video. In Amateur and professional applications very useful are the classic tripod, but also gimbale is a small, mechatronics stabilizers, allowing maintaining smooth video shooting and blur even in difficult conditions.

A tripod is the main attachments of photos

A tripod is an essential part of the Arsenal of any photographer – it's hard to imagine shooting flares or natural objects without a tripod, holding up the chunky, długoogniskowy telephoto. But even during normal summer walk or a trip outside the city, a tripod is a great help – at least when you want to take a selfie or group portrait, and you have no object which could in a few seconds start the self-timer function as the basis for setting up the camera to the desired angle (and almost always). In our assortment you will find miniature tripods telescopic (for example, Esperanza EF105 Azalea), which will cope with maintenance of a stable smartphone, camera bezlusterkowego, and even easier DSLRs in a certain position. If you plan on dynamic scenes, the essential will be, and the corresponding gimbal.

Professional photography without breaking the budget travelers

Gimbale this is the last cry of photographic fashion, however they are to useless gadgets – their popularity, because really deserve it. Classic gimbal is equipped with two fast motors, mechanical system, pan/tilt, which means that each of the actuators allows independent movement of camera or camera in the other axis (and these axes are perpendicular to each other). A key role in the work gimbala plays electronics – processor connected to the sensors inercyjnymi and drivers engines all the time monitors the gimbala orientation relative to the earth. Small movements (vibrations caused by the movement of the body or vehicle that is moving photographer) kompensiruet so that the camera position has not changed, and the larger movement (e.g., pan) can be smoothed, allowing you to achieve amazing smooth image without costly systems of movements of the camera.

Gimbale the store Botland

In this category you will find gimbale for use with smartphones and fewer cameras (e.g., GoPro). The advantage of these models are very small in size and lightweight construction, allowing you to take your favorite gear with you always – in your purse, your backpack or even pocket. All gimbale available in our offer have a number of very useful functions and modes, and some – for example, Feiyu Teach G5 have improved 3-axis mechanics, which gives the possibility to work in any position and reduces unwanted movement, no matter in which axis arise. In turn, with miniature gimbal Feiyu-Tech DJI Vimble C or Osmo Mobile 2 you sure will not surprise any one scene in which to make excellent pictures, you will not be properly prepared.