Photography is an art that requires not only talent and skills but also the right tool and equipment. It is a hobby in which a lot depends on the completed equipment. It is not enough to have a camera or a camera, but to some people it is just a smartphone, which today is as good as a professional camera. Both professionals and amateurs will need a tripod or gimbal, a mechatronic stabilizer that will make your photos and footage smooth, clear and without any unsightly blur. Photography is an area that we can consider only as a hobby or make it our profession. No matter what role it plays in our lives, we strive for perfection and ever better shots. In Botland you will find tripods and gimbals for compact cameras, SLR cameras, cameras and smartphones. They will allow you to take even better and more impressive photos and videos. They differ in their purpose, handle spacing, weight, mobility, size and number of axes.

How to choose a tripod?

This is the basic equipment of every photographer, of course right next to a camera with good technical parameters. With a tripod we can take pictures in difficult conditions and avoid blurring the image, which sometimes appears even with a slight movement of the hand. When choosing a tripod, pay attention to its size and weight. If you plan to use it in the field and you like taking pictures of landscapes not always in favourable conditions, a lightweight telescopic tripod will definitely be the best choice for you. However, the load capacity of the tripod is not insignificant and should correspond to the weight of your equipment to ensure its safety and stability. The head, which is available in several variants, is extremely important. We can distinguish ball heads with simple operation and the possibility of easy and quick adjustment to any angle. The joystick has a similar design, but in this case a special handle is used for adjustment. There are also special video heads, whose purpose is mainly limited to filming and the mechanism is adapted to cameras.

For a tripod to be stable it must also have stable legs. They consist of thinner sections at the bottom, which retract to thicker sections at the top. The more such sections are located, the more folding the tripod can be. The sections are locked, allowing the tripod to be folded out to the desired height. Sometimes the legs are joined at a certain height by limiters. If you decide on this model, you must know that you will not have full freedom in unfolding it, e.g. you will not fold the tripod almost flat.

Photos and videos using gimbal

Gimbal is an image stabilizer, most often used for filming. It smoothes movement and effectively eliminates shaking caused by hand movement. The gyroscope and brushless motor level the position of the camera, which is usually done in three axes, although some models have one or two axes. The best choice, however, is a gimbal with three axes, as this means that it stabilizes the camera in all three planes. With one axis, only up-down stabilization occurs, with two additional left-right ones, while with three more axes, there is also the "pan" axis, thanks to which it is possible to shoot stable panoramic shots. As with the tripod, the weight of the image stabilizer is also important. Also check the compatibility of the accessory with your photographic equipment, as not everyone is universal and fits all camera models. Furthermore, it is much better to choose such a gimbal, which will be dedicated to a particular equipment, because we are sure that it will provide us with proper stability and effectiveness.

The Botland store offers tripods and gimbals for professional cameras. Moreover, we have something for smartphone fans as well, who like and often use the camera in their phone. These are selfie-sticks with which you can take a selfie picture, covering a larger landscape or a larger group of people.