Switches kołyskowe

The switch is a button type in the form of a cradle where an individual item indicate its various States. Such a component is often used as a switch or the switch with various devices using electricity. For each day of such elements you are using when you turn on the nightlight, turn on the light in the kitchen or lowering the glass in the car. In our offer you will find the rocker switches double pole, 3 position, momentary, illuminated or cross-cutting. The tumbler is one of the most popular types of buttons.


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

Switches kołyskowe - Button, electric

Toggle is one button, which pressing the appropriate can cause various condition. As a rule, acts as a switch and the switch respectively closing and opening the circuit which contains the target execution unit (e.g., furnace for guitar is plugged in). Often used a toggle switch that is constructed in such a way that with only one “cradle”, for example, you can control the glass in the car (opening, closing, and remain at rest). This solution is ideal particularly well in vehicles, or as a light switch at home - in places where the concentration is in the switch or the visibility of the switch can be limited. Switches kołyskowe can brilliantly Express themselves as element of Your PCB or as spare parts damaged device. In our offer you will find the corresponding button on all occasions.

What can we offer?

In offer we have a wide range of switches kołyskowych in various shapes, colors and sizes. We offer, among other things switches with built-in led, thanks to which the button is very well visible in the dark. We also have switches with built-in power connector (AC-type eight) intended for installation in the housing. Also available triple switch (3 button bipolar in one case) and switch 3 position temporary (works by pressing one of two positions, and releasing the button returns to zero position)

Models that we offer, are intended for use at a voltage of 12 V, 230 V or 250 V and the maximum output current is 2 A, 2,5 A, 3 A, 6 A, 15 A, 16 A, 20 A, 35 A. we have a model for AC and DC.