Switches with lever

There are many different types of switches that vary in mechanism, size, appearance and application. We use them to switch specific functions, as the name suggests. Furthermore, we can use them to start a device or system and also stop it. Most switches used in projects with a lot of different functions are lever switches. They are typical for cockpits in vehicles, especially airplanes and helicopters, where they are placed among buttons and lights and indicators. Their mechanism of operation is based on a lever, they are easy to use, allow for quick and trouble-free switching of functions and switching on and off the device. We present different types of switches with different lever sizes. You can choose between bistable and monostable lever switches, so you can adjust them perfectly to the specifics of your device. All of them are made of durable and resistant to mechanical damage, as well as to the adverse impact of external factors. 


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

The lever switches to match your project

The switches differ in design and use. In some cases they can be used interchangeably with the buttons, however, it should be noted that their mechanism of operation is similar and the replacement will not adversely affect the functionality of the whole device. Switches are used on a daily basis with many devices and systems. They are present in large quantities in industrial plants and modern vehicles. In our everyday life we need them, among other things, to activate the light in the apartment or to choose the floor in the elevator, where we finally want to be. Among such solutions there are switches with a lever, i.e. models, as the name suggests, equipped with an additional element. Such a switch is not pressed, but you move an appropriately protruding element, i.e. a lever up or down, or left or right. 

When choosing a switch with a lever, we always wonder what we will need it for, i.e. what function it will serve in our project. It can only be used to turn the device on and off, which is their basic function. At the same time, it can switch a working circuit and run specific functions. If we will use the device in the dark, for example in a room with limited access to light, we should decide on a switch with backlight. Difficult working conditions and a clear influence of external factors force the use of switches with additional cover. Not without significance is also the voltage under which the switch with lever will work. Individual models are adapted to work in specific conditions. Improper adjustment often results not only in a lack of response from the system to the shift of the lever, but also in damage to the device or its serious failure, requiring the professional intervention. 

Extensive switch system 

The lever switches are not only very practical and multipurpose, but also have a striking appearance. We associate them with the cockpit of an airplane, in which most of us have never been, but the photographs and films evoke astonishment. With the help of lever switches you can build such a miniaturized cockpit with a large number of switches, including those illuminated. It will be useful e.g. for the control system of a device or for designing a game machine. The lever switches will also be used in your car, giving it a new, refreshed and sporty look. Leverage switches are available in different colors in our store, which allows you to differentiate their function and purpose, but also affects the visual aspects. As a result, the backlight also comes in different colors. 

And what kind of switches will you choose? Are you interested in the classic look of the control system or maybe you are a fan of spectacular projects distinguished by their original design. We will help you to realize any of your assumptions!