Switches with lever

Of course, each of us remembers a single scene of the film where we watch cockpit with lots of buttons, lights and switches. The vast majority of those switches with a lever. In Botland store you will find a wide selection of all kinds of switches and buttons. Our team ensures that a selection was not only high quality, but also affordable. We invite you for shopping in our departments with electronics and not only!


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

The switches in our offer

A number of technological solutions in terms of associated with the switches and buttons are waiting for Your choice. The switches serve us in everyday life that this issue is so obvious that often don't even pay attention to it, pushing buttons and switches automatically. Switching on the lights, start the car, the choice of floor in the Elevator – everywhere, where the hidden switches. In this category we offer switches with lever. We have in stock, the switches of different sizes, and different actions.

Switches On-On or On-Off?

In search of circuit breakers, you should think about what the preferred method of their action. Does it only switch the state between on and off, or maybe switch working circuit? Maybe we will use it after dark? We then illuminated switch. It is worth match it to the conditions under which it will be used. Maybe you should choose one with a lid? Under which will operate under stress? There are many opportunities for the application of switches, but in our store you will find both a wide range and affordable prices.

Feel like in the movie

Build your own design or model limits us to only budget and imagination. Nothing prevents to build a simplified cockpit of the plane, which we will apply switches with lever and control the simulation computer. In turn, adding a few switches and buttons for your car, we give it a sporty character. Imagination is a powerful weapon in the fight with boredom, and we will deliver You the right tools.