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Invoking specific changes in the state of individual functions in given devices is one of the basic functionalities that are performed within many electronic projects. Certainly many, even novice DIY enthusiasts and enthusiasts of programmable electronics have experienced a situation in which it was necessary to change the state of the circuit of a given electronic system. What can you do in such a situation?


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Of course, it all depends on the individual project. Nevertheless, one of the useful and basic solutions will be a slide switch. A slide switch is a small device that is used to change the state of electrical and electronic devices. Changing the position of the slider will cause the pair of contacts to connect to each other and close the circuit, which gives the desired result (for example, in the form of a light turning on or a device activation). Usually they allow two or three stable states (2-position switch - bistable, or 3-position switch - tristable).

In this category, we present you various types of slide switches - you will surely find the right device for you here! Check out all our products below!

Slide switch – what is it?  

The slide switch is a compact electronic component. As you can easily guess, the device was named this way because the slide switch has abuilt-in movable slider.

Slide switches are used for various types of electronic circuits. Moving the slider will short-circuit the pair of contacts. The very process of moving the slider is trivial and in practice the entire operation of this device comes down to this activity, so you can use it without any additional tools or components.

Most often, slide switches are used to switch circuits in devices. In our assortment you will find many types of slide switches, including 2 position slide switch, 3 position slide switch and more. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to set various functions to the "on" position.

An example of the use of slide switches can be electronic devices with a choice of many functions, e.g. music players. Today, technology has changed and selection options are most often made via LCD touch panels. In the past, however, this type of slide switches allowed you to choose between the radio function, playing a cassette tape, CD, and turning the device off completely.

Slide switch – application and method of operation

A slide switch is an electronic component whose application is very wide. This device is commonly used in many everyday devices. We can find them on radios, televisions, fans, speakers and razors. Slide switch can act as an ON / OFF switch. Then, depending on the position, this component is responsible for closing or opening a given electrical circuit or for switching between the various functions of the device (this is how, for example, airflow regulation in a hair dryer works).

There are 2-position and 3-position switches, as well as others, with a different number of pins. In the specification, the manufacturer usually includes a simplified construction diagram and defines the essential features of the switch - it is worth paying attention in particular to the voltage and current load capacity of the contacts, the pin pitch and the configuration of the contacts, as well as the minimum and maximum operating temperature.

What should be considered when choosing a slide switch?

As always, before buying a particular component, you should understand how does it work and what parameters are most needed for the particular project. To be precise, before buying a slide switch for a project, it is worthwhile to first determine what its features and technical parameters should be.

When it comes to the basic and the most narrow parameters of slide switches, first of all, you should pay attention to the number of stable positions (usually two or three), the way of switching (ON / ON, ON / OFF, ON / ON / OFF etc.), pin pitch ( e.g. 2.5 mm, 2.54 mm) and the dimensions of the body (housing). The method of assembly may also be important (through-hole technology, screw mounting). Pay attention to the technical parameters regarding such issues as contact load, electrical resistance of contacts and insulation, and maximum switching current (amperage). 

Finally, it is worth looking at the specification of slide switches in terms of how the switching element is located (on the side or on the top of the body) and what material the device is made of. It is especially important when the device is to be operated in difficult conditions (e.g. high temperature). Obviously, then you only need to find a slide switch that will be made of materials that are 100% resistant to such conditions. Of course, the offer of the Botland store does not lack such solutions!