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A slide switch is a device that serves to change the status in electrical and electronic equipment. Change the position of the slider causes the combination of a pair of contacts and closing the circuit, which gives the desired result (e.g., in the form of sun light or run device). As a rule, they allow to achieve two or three stable States (switch 2 position toggle or 3-position - tristabilny).


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Slide switch - the use and mode of action

A slide switch is an electronic component whose use is very wide. Used in many devices of daily use - in particular, in radio, televisions, fans, speakers, or razors. May function as a switch ON/OFF (enable/disable), where, depending on the position opens or closes an electrical circuit, or to switch between the different functions of the device (such as, for example, adjusting the flow of air in the hair dryer). Available switches 2 position and 3 position, with a different number of conclusions. In the specifications the manufacturer establishes, as a rule, the simplified scheme of production and defines the essential features of the switch - should pay particular attention to the napięciową carrying capacity and current carrying contacts, an insights and the contact configuration, and minimum and maximum temperature.

What to look for when choosing a slide switch?

Before you buy a switch for a project, it is necessary first to determine what should be its characteristics and technical parameters. Main questions are, first of all, the number of stable positions (usually two or three) way toggle (ON/ON, ON/OFF, ON/ON/OFF etc.), raster insights and case dimensions and mounting method (technology przewlekana, fastening screw, etc.), contact load, electric contact resistance and insulation and maximum current (current) switching. Also pay attention to the location of the slider (the side or on the upper part of the body) and the material constituting the slide switch. This is particularly important in the case when eventually the device will be operated in harsh environments (e.g. high temperature).