Rotary switches

In this section, we present the range of rotary switches with multiple States, which in everyday life you may not even notice. This action is equally obvious, that the mode setting of the oven, and so many people performs this action automatically. Behind this simple operation is hidden, however, reliable and robust electronics. Majsterkujesz, hobbystycznie you make models, or do you do it professionally? We offer a variety of electronics, including rotary switches. Modules in various designs, shapes, sizes.


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

The main elements

Building a model robot or a prototype PCB is often used to manage the switch. A lot of them, najróżniejszego type. In this section we have prepared for You the rotary switches of different sizes, with diameters from 6 mm to 19 mm, working from two points to twelve. Our technical Department is concerned that the proposed elements were of high quality and simultaneously affordable. Check out our categories and select a layout for your model system.

The rotary switches in daily use

Whether, getting into the car and inserting the key in the ignition, we understand that we use rotary switch? Probably few people pay attention to it. In our store we offer various types of switches, and, of course, everyone involved in electronics will find here something for themselves. Selecting rotary switches, note, for example, on the durability of this type of item. Most often this value determines the number of cycles of switching.


When choosing the switch, first określmy what type we need; which one will satisfy our needs. The selection in the store Botland we have a number of switches and buttons, in particular, digital, limit, rotary, flat, zippered, with a lever, button, kołyskowe, touch, or type Tact Switch. The selection is huge and this is only part of the available categories. Then you need to decide what material should be made the switch. Adapting it to the conditions in which it will work, we will update trouble-free operation.