Workshop lighting

Proper lighting in the Studio, it's incredibly important, and this for many reasons – not only improves the quality of work performed, as it allows you to see more detail, but also has a positive effect on the health of the eye. In combination with the corresponding magnification of the image allows accurate manipulation, which is especially important during the soldering or accurate measurements. In this category you will find universal, lighting workshop, which will be useful not only in the workshop of electronics, but also in a beauty parlor or workshop products.



Lamp with magnifying glass

A huge convenience and space saving ensures that the light engines are attached directly to the edge countertops – this design not only eliminates problems with wygospodarowaniem places (often most) of the base of the lamp, but also greatly increases the range of its movement, so that one lamp can operate a long table, for example, post soldering and manual machine shop. In our range you will find luminaires which are fastened to the tabletop with energy-saving and safe led lighting system, equipped also lenses 3, 5 and even 8 diopters. We also have a well-balanced, classical lamp with a magnifying glass, have a solid stand to prevent przewracaniu device.

Miniwarsztat, that is all in one

A great option for workshops in a very confined space, are clamps of the type "third hand". Because, as is widely known, elektronikowi never enough extra hands while one holds the soldering iron, and tweezers or other tin, not have the capacity to independently hold lutowanej tile. In such a situation come to the aid of positioners are equipped with adjustable slide clamps associated with the magnifying glass (in the best models with lighting) and, of course, mounted on durable, heavy stand. In our offer you will find a few such devices, which in addition to the above functions, they also have a built-in stand for the soldering iron, and even a place to insert a sponge or tools wire device. Yes, equipped with the "third hand" is much more than just lighting workshop is a miniature garage.

The rest of the lighting workshop

For the field work was performed in the basement, the attic, garage or any other location, we recommend different types of flashlight and portable lighting workshop. This will allow You a comfortable job and allow you to free your hands during any repair tasks, repair work or monitoring. Especially useful LED working lamp with magnet, fitted with 24 LEDs and hook for suspension. To work in challenging conditions, should have handy waterproof flashlight Torch Cree Q5 Sirius, with a very strong led 5W and adjust the angle of inclination of the light flux.