Spacer sleeves are used in various industries to maintain a constant distance between the mounted elements. Represent an important element in the electronic projects where too small distance between the components of the system may adversely affect the work as a whole (for example, through the creation of unwanted electrical connections). Standoffs can be metal or plastic, and can be equipped with single or double - sided) different threads, which facilitate the installation. In addition to the tips in the form of a cylinder, are also popular sleeve heksagonalne (section hexagon foremnego). Well-matched spacer may decide about the quality of the project and its durability.

Sleeve remote - a Design and material performance

The suitability of the bushing for a specific application is primarily determined by its construction (length, inner diameter and diameter, the shape, the potential presence and type of thread) and material production (the bushings metal or plastic). In the case of using the guide sleeve in electronics, you should pay attention to the conductivity of current and heat and temperature resistant (some plastic bushings can nadtopić in a very high temperature). There are, incidentally, nylon bushings and brass. Also important is the presence of a thread (tapping is more common in metal bushings, than plastic), and its type is a popular thread in the sleeve for electronic projects M2 and M3. Spacer sleeve must be well-matched for Your project.

Remote sleeve - application

In projects e-apply the spacers, for fixing printed circuit boards, modules or mounting brackets. Used, among other things, for the installation of tile extension in the popular mikrokontrolerach such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Can serve their separate electronic , or used as an auxiliary element in the mounting of electronic equipment in the target location (for example, inside the case). Spacer bushings are often sold in large sets, containing, in addition, mounting screws and other useful items - this allows you to save money and avoid a situation in which during the presentation of the project suddenly ended in a substantial part. It is also worth to purchase a set of guide bushings of different sizes and carving, so there is no need to do separate purchases before you create a new project. Sleeve remote is one of the elements that always come in handy in the electronics workshop.