Led drivers

To function properly, LED lights need drivers. But what exactly do LED drivers?


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LED lamps work with a constant low direct current. Power grid runs on alternating current as standard: a driver must, therefore, be connected between the power grid and the lamp to regulate the current flow. It “registers” the changes between the input and output current and compensates for them. If a driver were not installed in an LED light, the maximum current would flow during the connection (comparable to a short circuit), so the LED light would be overloaded and wouldn’t work for long. You can recognize the wrong or defective driver by the flickering of the LED light; in this case, the driver balances the current incorrectly. Furthermore, the current for LEDs only flows in one direction. This causes warming, which increases due to current consumption. Drivers stop this warming so that the risk of a defect is significantly reduced. Are you looking for a driver for your LED device? If so, check offer. Our catalog includes a large variety of high-quality LED drivers from different manufacturers.

What is an LED driver?

LED lamps and lights are on the rise. More and more manufacturers are starting to implement their own ideas in this sector. However, it’s essential to know how to deal with new technology.

The LED driver is the dimmer, and acts as a constant current source. This "drives" a constant, controlled, or limited current through an LED or an LED module. Unlike incandescent lamps, for example, controlled operation of LEDs using a constant voltage is not possible. So-called current driver circuits are integrated here. Accordingly, LED drivers are special operating devices for LEDs and LED modules. When attempting to operate an LED with a constant voltage, temperature fluctuations, and age-related changes are sufficient to cause the current to grow in uncontrolled sizes. This usually leads to premature failure. If you are looking for a LED driver for your LED strip, check the large selection of products available at We offer diverse devices such as drivers for Bluetooth LED strips, reflective LED drivers, USB drivers for Nano Pixel modules, RGB LED controllers, LED Matrix drivers, and many more. If you’re not sure, which driver will suit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional advisers will help you to buy the best solution for your project.

The LED driver - what should you watch out for?

When buying new LED lights and lamps, there is no need to worry about LED drivers, as the drivers are usually already built into the light. So-called LED retrofit lamps, i.e. light-emitting diodes with a tried-and-tested version such as E27 or G9, are, for example, LEDs with an integrated driver. If an LED light has defects, the LED driver is often the problem, since LEDs themselves are rarely damaged. The LED driver is easy to replace. Usually, there is no need to buy a completely new lamp, and it’s enough to replace the driver. The driver should correspond to the wattage of the LED light for which you want to use it: For a lamp with 20 watts, you should buy a driver that is designed for 20 watts and more.

However, if you have a LED strip, you have to buy a special driver to run it and enjoy beautiful optical effects. In this category, you will find all the necessary drivers for LED strips. The LED driver is a device that allows you to create interesting light effects and illumination.

With the LED driver, you can easily set the color and brightness of your LED strip of matrix.

At our store, you will find drivers with Bluetooth or WiFi connection, which will be the perfect solution for a bedroom or a guest room, where the light parameters can be changed via mobile application. Our LED drivers will be also a good solution for restaurants and clubs. For such places, we recommend a LED controller equipped with an RGB amplifier with a powerful output power - up to 288W, which will allow you to control the lighting of even large rooms. For smaller installations, drivers for LED strips with an IR remote control are perfect, equipped with output connectors compatible with the contact fields of typical LED strips.