Board compatible with Arduino - DFRobot

We offer high-end tile that is compatible with Arduino well-known manufacturer DFRobot. The tiles are prepared so that they can be easily programmed using the free Arduino IDE. This is a great way to meet many applications and the use of simple microprocessors. The range includes separate modules for tile - for example, the wi-fi module Xbee format or overlay for module Bluno beetle. On a choice there are also many tiles DFRduino, Bluetooth, LED, mobile robot or automatic podlewaczka for plants.


Voltage to
Voltage from
UC - Microkontroler
UC - Flash:
UC - Digital pins:
Voltage output from
Output voltage to
UC - freq:
UC - Core
UC - Ethernet:
UC - WiFi:
UC - Bluetooth
UC - I2C
UC - SPI interface
UC - CAN interface
UC - C/A
UC - A/C:
UC - analog in
UC - microSD

Products by page

Products by page

Board compatible with Arduino - DFRobot

In this category the majority of the tiles produced by the famous company DFRobot that are compatible with a variety of plates Arduino. Because of this, they can be easily programmed using the free environment Arduino IDE and entering the parameters with which the Board is compatible.

The company DFRobot made sure that on each of the plates were clearly marked with insights, so you will be able to quickly identify the sought-after conclusions. Red marked power pins, blue are analog pins and digital pins are green. Modules, microprocessors in most can be powered through the USB cable. Thanks zaimplementowanemu bootloaderowi the user can download the program directly via the microUSB cable, but the ISCP connector connecting AVR programmer.

A variety of tiles

In the assortment you will find a tile with a variety of different microprocessors, door modules, displays, Led lamps, tiles, with drivers, engines and kit with auto podlewaczki for plants. In the proposal there is also a mobile robot of the type LineFollower. It is a platform with two silniczkami, rings, remote control and sensors, which is also controller compatible with Arduino Leonardo (tiles programmable Arduino IDE).

Practical search engine

Thanks to the practical search system on the website store, you can easily produce tiles with the selected voltage (3 V, 3.5 V, 5 V, 6 V, 7 V) applied model of the microprocessor (ATmega1280, ATmega2560, ATmega328, Atmega32U4, ESP-32 ESP-8266, ESP32, Intel Curie, NUC123ZD4AN0 and STM32F103RET6), the amount of Flash memory (32 KB, 68 KB, 196 KB, 256 KB, 512 KB, and 16384 kB) RAM (2 KB, 8 KB, 20 KB, 2.5 KB, 64 KB, 520 kB), the number of digital channels (4, 8, 10, 14, 15, 20, 31, 39, 54) and PWM channels (2, 4, 6, 7, 14). In addition, you can check out the many other settings - for example, a Bluetooth module, a wi-fi interface (UART, I2C, SPI or USB), or the processor settings (core clock frequency).