The end of the wires

It is appropriate to do bits of electrical wires is important not only because of the aesthetics of the installation. In many cases, for example when wiring is used some of the energy coupling or screw connection, the use of the respective end of the cable is not only desirable but even necessary. Particularly important is, in the case elastyczniejszych, thin wires, where the direct mounting connector can cause damage to the cable. In this category you will find different types of separation of the wires, and also special tool for crimping them.


Conn Type
Conn - Standard

A simple sleeve that saves your nerves

In mounting a thin wire type cable application properly selected clamping of the guide sleeves is not only stylish and practical, but also significantly facilitate the maintenance or changes in the system. For example – connect thin wire directly to the terminal screw (terminal, that is popular cubes SHEETS) may be too vague (in some designs interface cable may be too badly jammed). In addition, you need to deal with the risk of short circuit when separate thin strands loose from the rest of the wire in contact with conductive elements in the vicinity of the connection points. Pica (pobielanie) of the wire lugs is a time-consuming task and creates the risk of damage to the final part of the isolation because of overheating. Clamping sleeves eliminate these issues and enable professional the ends of the wires during the presentation or repair of equipment.

How many goals – so many different bits

In a situation when to make the connection inside the device, for example, the supply of AC power or connecting the actuator with more power, is to use the end wires of the type MDD ("plaque") or FDD (connectors zawiniętych on the edges, interacting with the lugs MDD). In turn, to connect the tip wire, bolts or rivets necessary to apply the fitting with eyelet, with appropriately selected in diameter. Tip blade suitable for cooperation with some large connectors with screw. Hinge clutch cable allow, in turn, to a safe and reliable connection of the two wire lugs without the need for the independent performance of the insulation.

Sets of bits and the allocated funds

In a professional workshop or in the home workshop e – mail- you should always have on hand a supply of necessary nozzles for all applications. In our offer you will find both tubular completion of individual wires (cross-section from 0.5 mm2 to 4 mm2), as well as tips intended for coupling of two cables in one connector clips (for this purpose, are the tips double, with flattened expanded insulation). We also have sets of different types on the ends of wires. These kits contain 175 pieces or 100 pieces in a special, universal, press manual. You should know that the correct selection of wire terminations not only greatly simplifies and speeds up installation all installation, improves security and reliability, but also (repeatedly), which reduces material costs.