Paste and tape termoprzewodzące

Paste and tape termoprzewodzące used to improve circulation of heat between electronic elements and cooler. Through the use of termoprzewodzącej tape or thermal paste, the excess heat is more effectively withdrawn from nagrzewających part. Certain types of pastes and strips differ in the degree of thermal conductivity and electrical as well as chemical composition. Therefore, each application should choose the product that meets their needs (for example, the composition of the paste for the material of the radiator).



The heat transfer ribbon if thermal paste?

Thermal paste allows you to control the thickness of the applied layer, and more precisely fills microscopic irregularities on the surface of the radiator that provides better conductivity. Pasta is, however, more complex for precise application than a tape of heat transfer, and also does not work too well when you need to fill more space. In this case, more practical would be the use of tape or termopadów, that is, special washers of different thickness, designed to accommodate between more distant elements. The lining substance is usually silicone, silver or ceramics.

What to look for when buying?

The main parameter should be selection of appropriate values of thermal conductivity - the higher the value, usually means a more effective product, although it is difficult to compare the values of thermal conductivity, for example, thermal paste and tape termoprzewodzącej. When you select tape or termopada also pay attention to the compressibility (what is the minimum and maximum pause between elements to house ribbon), as well as the presence of the adhesive and its composition. Very important is the determination of the parameters of conductivity current - most of the pastes and tapes and insulators is, however, worth checking this before buying, to avoid possible short circuit. In the case of using the paste for the connection with the item, collecting the heat need to pay attention to the composition, as some pastes can cause corrosion of the individual radiators (i.e. pastes of copper particles should not be applied to aluminum parts).