Safety glasses

Workplace health and safety (WHS) and Occupational health and safety (OHS) are areas that will continue to be needed and popular. Although for many entrepreneurs they cause many difficulties, each activity should be approached safely in the first place. This applies not only to business, and you know that perfectly well if you have your own home workshop. As you know, accidents may happen to everyone. The risk of an accident, especially a more dangerous one, will be greater, especially when working with power tools, because they pose a threat to the operator. The second, very important source of risk are the shavings and dust that inevitably arise during various DIY works.

Therefore, in this category of the Botland store you can get the highest quality safety glasses for work. Transparent safety glasses provide real protection against chips, sparks and small elements floating in the air during welding or carpentry works. In this category you will find safety glasses that will ensure your safety during various workshop and renovation works. Check out all the products below now!



Efficient eye protection (OHS) – the very basics for any mechanical works

Although any type of machining is particularly dangerous to the eyes, the threat to this delicate organ also arises in many other types of work. Damage to the working tips, working in the clamps of high-speed drills, grinders, milling machines or lathes is very dangerous and terrible. A cracked drill bit or a cutting disc torn apart by inadvertent movement may, without much difficulty, irreversibly damage the struck part of the body. While the entire exposed surface of the skin is exposed, damage to the eyes is the most tragic, as in such accidents the eye will usually remain disabled for the rest of its life. It often has to be removed completely.

That is why it is so important to use safety goggles and develop a kind of habit that tells you to put on the glasses before turning on the tool. Obviously, the abovementioned rule also applies to many jobs that do not require the use of power tools. Simply painting high-altitude items or installing a ceiling light may cause unwanted dust or debris to enter your eye. Minor carpentry work is a risk of microscopic pieces of wood falling into the eye that can damage your eyesight. Fortunately, all you need to do is wear safety glasses every time and you won't have to worry about anything.

Safety glasses technology

The simplest safety glasses have a classic form. Plastic temples hold plastic plates with a thickness sufficient to provide our eyes with comprehensive protection. Safety glasses are made only of the highest quality materials so that they are durable, but remember - if you see a scratch or other damage on the safety goggles, be sure to throw them away and put on a new one. The principle is similar to that for child car seats. Once damaged, even a little, the structure of safety glasses will not provide maximum protection for a further use.

Some models of safety glasses for OHS are attached to the user's head with an elastic band. This solution is found in the cheapest glasses and often does not work for a long time. This is because rubber degrades and deforms over time. Much better and more durable are glasses with hinged temples. More robust models have the ability to adjust the length of the temples, which allows them to be adapted to the operator's head circumference. In more expensive products you can find additional non-slip elastomeric inserts. The anti-slip features ensure the comfort of use and the stable position of the glasses on the nose, which is important mainly when working in an inclined position.

Safety glasses in the Botland store offer

In this category you will find many different models of safety glasses. They have been primarily adapted to various demanding mechanical works so that such works are completely safe for your eyes. In addition to inexpensive safety glasses such as the Yato YT-7361, we also offer a bit more precise Vorel 74504 models that are equipped with a soft nose clip. Yato YT-7367 glasses are distinguished by modern design and high comfort of use. They make it possible to adjust the length of the temples. We also have an interesting offer for people who work in dark, uncomfortable conditions. Protective goggle with catalog number NSZ-00893 have built-in two side LED lamps illuminating the field of work and freeing the operator's hands from the need to hold an additional light source. Choose the best safety glasses for you now!