Safety glasses

Occupational health and safety is very often bagatelizowanym aspect of all types of work, both in industry and in the Amateur repairs, or home. And about the accident is not difficult, especially for tools, which themselves already represent a threat for the operator. The second, very important source of risks that inevitably arise when such works of shavings and dust. In this category you will find safety glasses that will provide You safety during the various repairs and renovations.



Eye protection in any mechanical work and not only

Although a particular danger to the eye brings with it every kind of treatment, it is a threat to this delicate organ also occurs in many other works. Very dangerous are damage to the working tools operating in terminals high-speed drills, grinding machines, milling machines or lathes. Crackling drill down on nieumyślny the movement of the cutting blade can without difficulty permanently damage uderzoną part of the body. If exposed the entire open surface of the skin, the most disastrous consequences are eye damage – often irreparable. Therefore, it is important the use of protective eyewear and imagine the kind of habit that tells You to wear glasses before each turning tool. Of course, this principle also applies to many jobs that do not require the use of power tools – even paint highly located elements, or the ceiling lamp may cause eye contact unwanted particles of dust or dirt.

Solutions used in protective glasses

Simple safety glasses are shaped fittings, up protective lens (more precisely: a transparent plate of plastic) and is attachable on the user's head with elastic bandage. This solution is found in cheap glasses, often not working for long time operation, as the rubber degrades and deforms. Much better and more durable are sunglasses with zausznikami installed in the glasses frame on the hinges. More reliable models have the ability to adjust the length zauszników that allows you to configure them in the head of the operator. In the more expensive products can meet additional anti-slip inserts of elastomer – they provide ease of use and stable position of points on the nose, that is important mainly when working in an inclined position.

Goggles the store Botland

In this category you will find several models of eyewear, suitable for various mechanical works. In addition to cheap points Yato YT-7361 we also a little precyzyjniejszy model Vorel 74504, with soft handle of the bow. Glasses Yato YT-7367 feature modern design and great ease of use and as a cheaper model – provide the ability to adjust the length zauszników. We also have an interesting offer for the individuals performing the work in a dark, uncomfortable conditions: the model, serial number NSZ-00893 has built-in dual side LED lamp lights working area and fixing the operator's hands from having to hold an additional light source.