Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3B

Raspberry Pi 3B has ushered in a new era of microcomputers. It was the first model of Raspberry that could be run without a MicroSD card. Instead, the computer could start using the storage media that were connected to it via USB. That's the current situation. The Raspberry Pi designers are constantly working to improve their devices, increasing their performance, speed, capacity and RAM memory. Raspberry Pi of the third generation was another product that could be considered excellent in relation to previous models. It has a lot in common with the RPi Model B V1.2., both products appeared at a similar time and were also tested then. Some people agree that the Raspberry Pi 3B model has finally developed into a computer with enough power for desktop applications. No need to use USB wireless communication modules further increased the comfort of using the computer. Check out our range of Raspberry Pi 3B modules and sets!

Improved Raspberry Pi 3B board

It is not much different visually from the Raspberry Pi 2, it even has the same size, mounting holes and ports. However, the diodes are on the other side of the serial display connector. Raspberry Pi 3B, however, uses a new central processing unit. The board contains an SoC Broadcom BCM 2837 chip with four 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 cores. The integrated graphics remained the same, but the GPU clock has already been changed from 250 to 400 MHz. Broadcom BCM43438 radio chip and 1 GB LPDDR2 RAM memory are well known to older generation Raspberry users. Obviously, the 40-pin GPIO connector, which is one of the distinctive features of Raspberry, could not be omitted.

The MicroSD card is still responsible for storage. It is worth mentioning one important phenomenon that appeared in Raspberry Pi 2, namely the springing of the MicroSD slot. It was eliminated in the new Raspberry.

Raspberry Pi 3B with wireless and wired communication

Raspberry Pi 3B is equipped with a dual-function radio module. It supports Bluetooth and WiFi. If we use a wireless network, the 2.4 GHz band is responsible for communication. In addition, 802.11b, g and n variants of the protocols are supported. An important feature of the Raspberry Pi 3B is compatibility with many wearable and audio devices. This is possible thanks to the low-energy 4.1 BLE standard. However, the Ethernet controller, whose speed is 10/100 Mbit/s, has not changed. If the maximum load is reached and the WiFi network is on, the power consumption can reach up to 6.7 W. The economical operation keeps the power consumption to a minimum, i.e. 1.5 W.

Raspberry Pi 3B modules and sets – everything you need, and even more!

Our shop offers both modules as well as ready-made sets, in which you will find all the components necessary to start working with Raspberry Pi 3B immediately after its purchase. Sets consist of a case, heat sink or power supply and a microSD card with pre-installed NOOBS system. Interesting and worthwhile, especially in the academic environment, is the set, which contains the Matlab computational environment of high power. Additionally, it has a module for graphical simulation design.

For those who have special requirements and expectations and consider Raspberry to be a unique device with extraordinary possibilities, we recommend the Media Pi Plus set for Raspberry Pi 3, with which you can build a compact multimedia centre in the comfort of your own home.

Raspberry fans had to wait a year for Raspberry Pi 3B, which only whet their appetite. Their appetite was satisfied, among other things, with a 33% increase in computing speed, as well as the stability of the WiFi connection. In addition, the new central unit and almost double overclocked graphics processing unit have also been popular with users. Explore our range of Raspberry Pi 3B modules and sets and decide on the equipment that best suits your needs.