Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 B

Minikomputer Raspberry Pi in the latest version 3 model B starter kits. Raspberry PI 3 his debut was in 2016. This is the third generation of this computer platform, which is an improvement of the previous two. It was a breakthrough in the company's activities, as well as a big revolution in the world of programming.

Has power, which is enough for desktop. No need dokupowania additional wireless modules, because the Raspberry PI-3 has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio system. The biggest change that you notice in this model is the new Central unit.

Raspberry PI 3 with SoC Broadcom BCM 2837, with four 64-bit cores ARM Cortex-A53, taktowanymi a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. The previous version, i.e., model 2B has a Broadcom BCM 2836, with four 32-bit cores Cortex-A7. Raspberry PI-3 to 50% faster than the Raspberry Pi 2. In addition, it is characterized by excellent responsywnością desktop and computing power.