Compressed air

Cleaning the uneven, fragile and hard-to-reach surfaces with the use of traditional methods is ineffective or impossible. Traditional cloth only rozetrze dust and moistened with water, in many cases, are not included in the game. Also cleaning the nooks and crannies with a soft brush can be a very difficult task, because the bristles will only push the dust from the places located above the gap between them. Such situations are common, in particular during cleaning of the motherboards of computers. The only effective method of cleaning components and complex structures is compressed air.



The fastest way to clean dust

That may be between the keys on the keyboard of our computer? If we looked to the dirt in a large scale, but dust, we are also particles of the epidermis, the hair of our Pets, as well as crumbs of the food. All these wastes, they are so small that they can get under the keys as well, for example, for computer fan, forming a dense, sfilcowane pieces. Compressed air (in the form of condensation) can push them out of these nooks with great force, thereby facilitating thorough cleaning of the equipment. The application of this cleaning agent is very convenient. It has multiple levels of spray in a closed box-like appearance to varnish, and in some models, are equipped with a precise tip-dispenser. Thanks capacity from 300 to 600 ml of compressed air, enough for a long time.

Necessary precautions

The big advantage of compressed air is almost full of the smell and the fact that unlike many funds, it flows not leave streaks or smudges. During purging of the equipment with compressed air it must be borne in mind, however, to perform this operation only when they are turned off and cold (better then spray the keyboard or the bars of the cooling system before you work on the computer, than after it). The second security measure is to protect the eyes and respiratory system from the direct effects of a spray (remember, it is not the air pure, but, in particular, with the necessary addition of propane-butane). It should also be emphasised that as a result of physical processes occurring at the time of expansion of the gas, its temperature becomes significantly lowered. Remember, therefore, to hold the can of compressed air denkiem down and avoid prolonged application of the air in one place – cold gas condensation and will create a moist layer on the surface being cleaned.

Other gases in the form of a spray for important applications

In our store you will find three other sprays very practical purposes. The first of them is the system Freezing at the temperature down to - 550C – allows You to check the quality of solder joints. Chilled components, after re-connecting tiles will not work properly or won't work at all if the soldering were no errors. Another useful product is the leakage tester gas connections required for the installation and maintenance of networks and devices that operate on gas. And tester carbon monoxide detectors, WHICH is important for the safety of the people who don't have in the house carbon monoxide detector.