Lubrication & cleaners

In each workshop, electronic and mechanical will need a set of carefully selected chemicals, lubricants and cleaners. The specific choice depends on what kind of work is performed by electronic, mechanic or engineer. Some of the products contained in this category will be useful even in the home, for the lubrication of mechanisms, devices and machines running at home, and also for cleaning them from dust, grease and other contaminants generated during the daily operation.



Lubricants for machines and mechanical systems

The main function of lubricants is, of course, reduce the friction between the elements of mechanical systems, and therefore preventing them zużywaniu. However, in our offer you will find products that, in addition to this basic function, also provide additional protection from the harmful effects of rain or snow. The basic version is towot, liquid paraffin or olive oil to lubricate machines – thanks to the packaging in the form oliwiarki you can give it to a certain place mechanism. It is necessary to turn the iconic WD-40 spray, which not only nourishes, but also cleanses the mechanical components and remove them from the rust. But for systems operating in difficult conditions, we recommend graphite grease (stamina load) and ceramic lubricant (resistant to water and chemicals). A penetrating lubricant Nanoprotech you can even use it for defrosting locks in car doors.

Cleaners for electronics

One of the main products of the chemical industry in the electronics workshop remover for printed circuit BOARDS. It removes flux residues and dirt after soldering of the elements. Really need will be also available in our offer sprays from the Contact – in this case, first of all, the Contact S is designed to remove oxides and sulfides of contacts, as well as corrosion protection. Also available in a variant with a toothbrush. And the Contact is cleaner and, simultaneously, degreaser, designed for contacts and electrical components. And under the name of the PR Contact hidden cleaner for potentiometers. You should pay attention to electrical insulation Nanoprotech served in the form of... liquid. It allows you to not only protect, but restore the elements.

Cleaners for optical elements

Cleaning glass is a task that requires delicacy – some optical elements are very easy to damage or scratch. At the same time, the optics requires careful care because even the smallest dust particles significantly affects the quality of the use of this item. Supporting elements of glass cleaners, we recommend a series of Contact IPA. Due to the content of isopropyl alcohol very quickly they evaporate from the cleaned surface, does not require drying and leave no streaks. And to remove the dirt from the monitors, LCD and TFT we have a set Esperanza ES112 with gel, toothbrush and cloth.