An independent manufacture of printed circuit boards that you had a laborious, hand draw tracks on the Board today – in the era of laser printers and photochemical methods – was, on the contrary, glad. Before starting, you should still purchase a supply of necessary reagents and additional equipment, which not only expedite the work, but will significantly improve the results. The quality of the materials used is of as much importance as a method of work, skills and experience in manufacturing. In this category you will find quality wytrawiacze and other reagents and equipment for rapid manufacturing of printed circuit boards.



The etching of printed circuit boards

Almost every method of making printed circuit BOARDS is to remove the copper in areas, which will be held in isolation between tracks, and through the use of additional lutowniczymi. There are two main methods – milling and etching in an aqueous solution of substances with high chemical reactivity is the so – called etchmaster, which is most often used drobnokrystaliczny nadsiarczan sodium (B327). In the case of a bleed job is in osłonięciu seats, which will host the track here you can also specify two variations of this technology (moving tracks, method and fotochemiczną transfer). Regardless of the method of transmission of the mosaic of the tracks on the laminate, the process of digestion is no different and is the placement of the laminate in the solution wytrawiacza the proper temperature.

The acceleration of the process of digestion

The process of digestion is faster and gives better results, if in addition to maintain the desired temperature, you will satisfy the motion of the fluid. Although it is possible to provide, making calm, manual stirring of the solution is much easier and better to use for this purpose a special trawiarki, which will provide continuous movement of a fluid by injection of don air bubbles. In our range got trawiarka by Velleman – apart transparent, vertical tanks with capacity up to 2,5 l, the kit includes an electric heater and the pump, wtłaczająca to the solution wytrawiacza air bubbles, which really speed up the process of digestion. It is important not only for convenience and speed, but also for the effects of fast digestion in the right conditions-a guarantee of absence of harmful podtrawień and other damages made of tiles.

Other reagents for the manufacture of printed circuit boards

At independent manufacture of printed circuit boards, is to have not only etchmaster, but also other substances that improve the end result, both visually and użytkowo, for example, facilitates soldering and fidelity of the tracks. If you want to achieve high quality tracks and soldering pads (in particular, subtle connections and little insulation), to apply the method fotochemiczną, in addition to lacquer Positiv or the photoconductor of the laminate will need a special developer. The finished plate (regardless of how it is received) is pobielić using the drug for bezprądowego the tinning of copper, which protects the surface from oxidation and will greatly facilitate soldering.