Conductive paint

The conductive paint is used to create lines, patterns and buttons, as well as the connection elements and circuit boards repair printed circuit boards. Basis for the establishment of such a substance, usually paint, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, or water, which is filled with particles of a guide - Nickel, silver or graphite and activated carbon. Paint conductive solid (even several years) and can be applied to various materials including paper, wood, plastic, glass, textiles and other materials.



The properties of the ink conducting current

The conductive paint dries within 10 to 15 minutes after application and is easily washed with soap and water. It can be mounted outside, for example, acrylic lacquer will not affect it negatively on the conductive properties. Paint can be applied on paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, fabrics and many other materials. Most polyurethane or acrylic paints, conductive nietoksyczna and does not generate harmful fumes, so they can be used also during the technical sessions with children.

The paint application conductive current

The conductive paint can be used to create and restore paths on printed circuit boards, and other materials, combining the elements of electronic devices, and the execution of sensors and switches, touch or proximity. You can also use it for temporary repairs (e.g., wires) and soldering in the cold. The conductive paint is suitable for connecting so-called e-materials, i.e. fabrics, conductive, designed to create smart clothing that is managed with the help of microcontrollers.

How to use paint conductive current?

Before use, ensure that the surface on which you will apply the paint, dry and clean. The conductive paint may be applied by brush or directly from the container if it is fitted with an appropriate applicator. If the paint is used to connect electronic components, you should make sure that their contacts have been thoroughly covered (and the paint that covers the contacts combines quite with the rest of the way), otherwise the conductivity may be too weak to make the whole system work properly.