Starter kits with Intel

Modules mini-computer Intel for many people became the inspiration to create interesting projects. Emerging devices use a number of actuators and sensors that extend the capabilities of the tiles on the complex function of measurement or control. However, as is often the case with new products, to start with previously unknown platform often raises difficulties. Why leading manufacturers of electronics, have introduced a range of special starter kits, allowing fast and fun to get acquainted with a mini-computer Intel.

Tile estimates for Intel Joule

Intel Joule is an advanced platform for the Internet of things, is based on a Quad-core Intel Atom processor, extensive RAM and eMMC, wi-fi module Dual Band and Bluetooth 4.1, the graphics coprocessor Intel HD Graphics and a number of GPIO ports, and communication interfaces. For Intel Joule has an official starter kits offered by the manufacturer of minicomputers. To facilitate the work with this advanced system, the company DFRobot has introduced a special pad that contains a number of connectors, including colors make it easy to distinguish goldpinów and greatly simplify the connection of external modules. Overlays are sold with a full set of sensors (temperature, rotation speed, fire, motion and sound), actuators (relay, servo) and control (keyboard, buzzer, LED module) and optional accessories are the perfect sets. Significantly speeds up the getting started with Intel Joule.

Starter kit for Intel Edison

Tiny computers Intel Edison are an additional IoT modules that use the Intel Atom processor, and wireless modules (wi-fi / Bluetooth). For a quick start, is to equip his workshop in starter kits prepared specifically for the Intel Edison module using a well-known company SparkFun. A set of plates SparkFun Unit contains three modules: an overlay with a 9-axis sensor IMU (LSM9DS0), OLED-display with a diagonal of 0.66 ” and a reader for the micro SD memory cards, empowering minikomputera about the writing and reading of data from the additional memory. It should be added that to facilitate the realization of minikomputera Intel Edison, the company delivers a SparkFun original Eagle design files for easy running your own project using Edison.

What's next for the IoT modules Intel?

In 2017, the company Intel announced the end of production modules Intel Edison, Intel Joule and the Intel Galileo Board. In our online store is still available with special pads and starter kits, but for new projects we recommend available on the market of miniature computers with equally great features and excellent technical support from the manufacturers. Therefore, planning the next embedded system project, we should consider other miniature computers for professional use we recommend the modules and kits Raspberry Pi Compute Module or Tinker Asus Board and tiles NanoPi, Banana Pi or Beagle Bone. For IoT applications for a limited number of locations in the target building, we offer excellent and inexpensive modules Onion Omega.