The expansion and lining of Intel

Tiny computers Intel, is designed for advanced and niskomocowych IoT application, wait for an number of attractive, purpose-built platforms, landing that perfectly will help you get started with these great modules. In this category you will find developed specifically for mini-computer Intel Edison and Intel Joule, expansion. We have included functional pads and sets, equipped with many useful connectors, as well as the most commonly used peripheral items.

The extension for the tiles of Intel testing Joule

Intel, along with sales and high performance computing minicomputers Som of Intel Joule, have released intended for them kits that prints out all the necessary connectors interfaces providing power to the main components and peripherals. For this set the company DFRobot, one of the largest players in the segment of tile line, modules and elements for Amateur robotics, has developed related official platform to overlay Gravity DFRobot IO Expansion Shield. On the Board, in addition to a number of goldpin connectors in different colors for easy identification and reduce the risk of incorrect connection to external devices, appeared as two 16-bit, four-channel converters ADC with I2C interface – ADS1115 of Texas Instruments.

Pads for mini-computer Intel Edison

Also another IoT product from the leading manufacturer of computer processors have lived up to the specialized sets line. SparkFun, the company has developed and released to the market lining, compatible with this computer the size of a postage stamp. Intel Edison and SparkFun Unit includes three boards: one of them has on-Board 9-axis IMU sensor (gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer), the second miniature, monochrome OLED display with buttons and a joystick, and a third reader for the micro SD card. Extension are combined through a 70-pin sockets and connectors that are compatible with the original module connector Intel Edison.

Replacement modules Intel

Intel has filed in 2017, official information about termination of release of IoT modules, including modules Intel Edison and Intel Joule. In our store you continue you will find special extensions and overlays for these mini computers, but for new projects we recommend other solutions that are made throughout time. So, if you are in need of small modules SoC offering great computing power and built-in wi-fi/Bluetooth – read tile offer of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, Particle is a Photon, Onion IoT if IoT PyCom ESP32. For larger projects we recommend a great miniature computers Raspberry Pi 4B and 3B/3B+, NanoPi, Banana Pi or Beagle Bone.