Above all, every home and electronic equipment should be safe. And what is responsible for your safety against electricity? First of all, fuses! At the Botland store, we offer a wide selection of professional fuses for various applications. In this category of Botland you will find both a home fuse and a fuse for a car or electronic device. See also proven fuses, thanks to which you will protect components in the electrical circuit in your electronic project from damage!

Of course, you can also buy simpler devices, such as fuses, in which the electric circuit is interrupted due to the melting of the internal fuse.

The electric fuse is the basic electric protection of the electric installation and electric receivers. Such protection is never 100% sure of operation, but it should protect the device, car or house against the effects of excessive current.

The Botland’s offer includes melting fuses, overcurrent, thermal and polymer fuses. In addition to this, you will also find fuse sockets and connectors so that you can place them stably in your device. Choose now what you need the most!

Products by page

Products by page

Types of fuses in the offer of the Botland store

In this category you will find a lot of different types of fuses - both large and small, fuses for electronic devices, cars and apartments! You can successfully use these top-quality products in your projects and gain safety. And as you know, safety comes first.

A current fuse is a type of electronic component whose task is to break the circuit when a certain current value is exceeded. There are many types of fuses. The fuse is one of the simpler but still very effective designs. The fuse inside the device melts due to the higher current. As a consequence, the current circulation is interrupted, which results in safety.

A polymer fuse is another electronic element that protects the system against excessive current flow. When the critical value is exceeded, the element becomes very hot, thus opening the circuit. After cooling down and eliminating the source of too high current, the fuse can be reused (often it can survive up to 100 such cycles). It should be remembered that the opening of the circuit is never 100%, therefore, after the limit value is exceeded, a small current will still flow through it. Too high a voltage can cause the device to overheat or even break down. We have fuses that you can successfully use by connecting your system to a 9 V battery, a 12V battery or any other source not exceeding 72 V. We offer versions with a current carrying capacity of 0.2 A, 0.5 A, 1.1 A, 3 A, 5 A

Thermal and residual current fuse

Other types of fuses that you can find in our store include termination fuses and residual current devices. The thermal fuse is characterized by a very low resistance, which is responsible for disconnecting the electric circuit in a situation when there is an excessive increase in the ambient temperature. Such devices work well in certain applications and serve to protect the entire circuit from the harmful effect of excessively high temperature. In this category of the Botland store you will find fuses operating with a voltage of 230 V for temperatures of 96 ° C (10 A), 115 ° C (1A and 2 A) and 135 ° C (2 A). What is more, we also have fuse connectors and sockets as well as thermobimetallic overcurrent fuses with a rated voltage of 125/250 V AC or 32 V DC - with current carrying capacities of 8 A, 16A and 20 A.

Another interesting type of presented products are safety residual current devices. These are modern devices that protect against contact with too high current. They function according to Kirchoff's law (the sum of the current supplied to the circuit must be different from the sum of the delivered current). The principle of operation is relatively simple - any disturbance immediately turns off the electric circuit. The efficiency of the fuses is very high.

Car fuses – necessary and reliable

In the Botland store, you can also equip yourself with the highest quality car fuses. In terms of construction, these are largely melting fuses. The fuse inside is made of an electric conductor and works in a similar way to a resistor. As a result of the current flow, the fuse heats up quickly. After exceeding the specified value of the intensity, the fuse immediately melts completely. The result is that the electrical circuit is broken, thus ensuring complete safety.

Now choose from a variety of car fuse kits rated for amperages from 3A to 30A.

Anyway - you can use the products in this category for really diverse projects! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.