LED strip addressed

LED strip addressed

Is considered the inventor of the led elektroluminescencyjnej engineer nick Holonyaka Junior could not assume that they will reach such popularity. However, since it has been many hours, days and years. Currently available LED technology is the European Union legislation the only right decision, if we want to buy lighting for home or business. In the name of fighting for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere from 1 January 2018 the law introduced banning the sale of incandescent halogen.


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Products by page

Products by page

The types and technique

In our online store Botland LED strip addressed include LEDs type SMD driver APA, SK and WS. Okay, but what actually is an abbreviation for SMD? SMD is Surface Mount Device otherwise, there is an element adapted for surface mounting. We find mainly four kinds of LED Multicolor, the so-called RGB LED, which in practice means the possibility of obtaining three primary colors of R (red), G (green), B (blue). Thank you mixing these colors you can get any color. Warm white - color temperature below 3300 K, neutral white - its color temperature is between 3300 K - 5300 K cool white with a colour temperature above 5300 K.

Drivers and their types

Currently the most popular LED light bars, addressed using the WS2812B driver. Mainly because the driver is easily available and not worth of the property. Unfortunately, the second side of the coin, so popular of a driver. This is a zero resistance to damage a single led in the ribbon, which causes an interruption of the data transfer line and the need to replace the damaged section. Alternative, devoid of drivers WS2813 and SK6822, which have two independent control lines.

Alternative driver and its advantages

In addition to dual-line control driver WS2813 in LED Panels, has addressed additional elements directly in the structure of production. A resistor and a capacitor is placed across the diode reduces the risk of damage to the controller, which in the case of the WS2812 occurs quite often. People will also appreciate the recording five times greater level of updates the PWM at 2 kHz compared to the WS2812 and almost two times compared to SK 6812-22. Increased the update frequency affects the flicker effect at the time of registration movie.

SMD LEDs and their designations

It is also worth to define a four-digit name is placed after the first glance. It is not that other as the size used in the panel LED is addressed LEDs. In the case of a SMD 3528 3.5 × 2.8 mm, and the designation of 5050 SMD 5 × 5 mm. Marking 30, 60, 150 SMD informs the buyer about the number of SMD LEDs in 1 meter LED strip. By purchasing LED lighting, you have to remember, however, that in this case is not important, only its size. A good indicator is a higher price but higher quality and longer service life.