LEDs and accessories

LEDs that emit ultraviolet radiation in the range of visible light. The number of features offered by accessories such as LEDs, it is amazing. Can serve, in particular, as an element of interior design, energy saving systems, lighting, alarm or led informing about device operation.


  • LEDs LEDs

    Individual LEDs and sets in different packages for self-soldering or walking on the contact plate


    Use basic and small (sometimes even a few seemingly important) elements, creates unique face advanced design. The RGB LEDs are the equipment that, despite the fact that cheap and available in different versions, is almost in most electronic devices. Shop Botland every fan...

  • LED strips and matrix LED strips and matrix

    Belts, chains and the matrix consisting of LEDs.

  • Laser LEDs Laser LEDs

    The modules are equipped with laser diodes.

  • Infrared IR LEDs Infrared IR LEDs

    Transmitters, operating in the infrared range (infrared).

  • LED holders LED holders

    Plastic and metal cartridges for mounting LEDs.

  • LED drivers LED drivers

    Module to control the LEDs.


Voltage to
Voltage from
Nominal power
LED wavelength
Cable length
LED - type
LED - color
LED - digital
LED - stream
LED lighting angle
LED shape
LED mount
LED bulb - thread
Tightness class:
LED lens
Energy class

Products by page

Products by page

With LEDsyou can also create advertising modules and data that will be perfectly visible both day and night – LED technology provides users with a host of great features, while we try to provide the best components that will meet the expectations of all customers! We invite you to see the range of our store!

LEDs and accessories – everything you need

You want to create a unique atmosphere in your room? You focus on the details and placement of the largest possible number of light sources? Would be a great choice for you RGB panel (available in version 30, 48 and 60 LEDs per meter of strip) – when connecting the module to a simple system Arduinio and the power unit, it is possible to install emissions of different colors from 24-bit palette.

We also have:

  • separate models of LEDs,
  • products, RGB,
  • matrices,
  • transmitters, operating in the infrared range,
  • the modules for controlling LEDs
  • edits.

We offer the best quality LED lights and accessoriesto satisfy users who appreciate professional performance, excellent materials and great value offers and prices!

Pick up matching accessories to fully exploit the potential of LED technology

Using high quality power supply for belts, cables of a suitable length, extra controllers, sensors, profiles, end caps and sleeve spacer, you will receive amazing designs, without having to worry about security exploitation.

We take care to ensure that the products reach our clients, characterized by safety in operation and had all the basic certificates.