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Diodes are common components in electronics and are used, among other things, to convert alternating current to direct current. LEDs have become incredibly popular because they are much more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Since the LED is a type of diode, it only lets current through in one direction. To indicate how to mount it, one leg is longer than the other. The longer leg is the anode - the leg that should be closest to the positive coil. Depending on the material used to produce LEDs, they get different colors and electrical properties. Classic red LEDs are usually operated with a voltage from 1.8 V to 2.4 V and current from 5 mA to 10 mA. At, you will find a large selection of LEDs and accessories at reasonable prices. Check our offer, and buy the high-quality LED diode, LED stripes, and many more! We provide fast shipping and professional guidance.


  • LEDs LEDs

    A light-emitting diode (also called LED), is an electronic component that has the particularity of emitting light when it is traversed by an electric current. Its second feature is that the current only passes through this component on one side, when the current passes to the...

  • The RGB LEDs The RGB LEDs

    Every project should contain an LED diode, and the best solution is a tricolor one! By mixing the colors, for example with a PWM output from a microcontroller, you can get any range of actual colors. An RGB LED is an LED that can light up in three different colors at the same...

  • Strips and LED matrix Strips and LED matrix

    An LED Strip is a flexible plastic ribbon with small LED lights on it. It is used to create indirect light. Think for example of lighting in a ceiling, behind a mirror or under the counter. LED strips are very popular because of the high light output, low energy consumption,...

  • LEDs laser LEDs laser

    With the development of new technologies, the possibility of obtaining a laser beam in a domestic environment has become a reality. These days, the electronics industry produces tiny semiconductors that can generate a laser beam. These semiconductors are laser diodes. The...

  • LEDs IR infrared LEDs IR infrared

    Isaac Newton, an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian, discovered that sunlight is composed of all the colors of the rainbow. Some colors we can see, others - such as infrared and ultraviolet - are indistinguishable to...

  • Holders for LEDs Holders for LEDs

    LED technology is in rapid development and has already gained a foothold in the lighting industry. But LED technology can do much more: new applications, large selection, and cost-effectiveness make the LEDs interesting to use in many types of products, from life jackets to...

  • Led drivers Led drivers

    To function properly, LED lights need drivers. But what exactly do LED drivers?


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Products by page

Products by page

What is an LED?

LEDs are electronic semiconductors that emit light when current passes through them. LEDs are gradually being used for various lighting purposes. LEDs are used in electrical circuits as status lights and to make light bulbs. In recent years, a new generation of light sources appeared. LED lamps were designed to provide the workplace with the best possible ergonomics while saving energy. They use only a fraction of the energy used by traditional light sources. LEDs have an incredibly long life. The LED diodes have an expected life of 50,000 hours. That means 25 years or more in normal everyday use. You may never need to change the light source!

The story behind LED

For over 30 years, LEDs have been used in many different applications, both for industrial systems, hi-fi equipment, car lights, and advertising. The technical development of LED is constantly advancing. In recent years, the light output of white LEDs has increased to an impressive 130 lumens per watt and more. This is a trend that will continue in the time to come. In addition, the physical effect of electroluminescence was discovered more than 100 years ago.

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The benefits of LED lighting

The LED lights are considerably less energy-intensive than other bulbs, energy-saving bulbs included. The LEDs are incredibly energy-saving. Since they emit almost no heat, the applications can also be extended. The fact that they produce considerably less heat limits any fire hazards and increases safety.

LED lights are more expensive to buy, but at the same time, they last incredibly long. Some can be used for more than 50 years! They are much more resistant since they are not so exposed to external stress, and thus can withstand the considerably rougher treatment.

The LEDs have also made their big entrance into the car industry. Originally, the automotive industry began using LED lights because it was more energy efficient. The advantages of this are undoubtedly a lower consumption of fuel. LED lights not only make cars more environmentally friendly and economical to use, but they also make them safer in traffic. This is because each individual light on the car consists of several individual small LEDs that each contribute with lighting so that if one or two should strike, this does not significantly affect the car's lighting. LED lights have been used in traffic lights for quite some time as well. If one light bulb goes out, all the others are still lit, and the light is not put out of operation just because of this. A big advantage of LED light is that it doesn’t attract insects. Since LED lights do not emit UV or IR, you can enjoy the summer with an open window without mosquitoes and other insects visiting for that reason. Do you need a LED? Visit and find the product that will suit your needs. We guarantee that our LEDs are high-quality and will meet your expectations.