BNC connectors

The most popular type of connectors used in programmable electronics to connect individual PCBs are certainly gold pins. But it is not everything. After all, we use various types of components in electronic projects. Therefore, they also require the right tools to attach them to the plate.


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Therefore, in our store in this category you will find the best recommended BNC socketsandplugs. BNC type connectors are commonly used to connect coaxial cables. With the help of such cables and connectors, you can use advanced measuring devices, devices for transmitting digital and analog TV signals, devices for radio telecommunications and for creating and connecting computer networks.

In Botland, we also offer ZP1 and ZP2 industrial connectors with a quick coupler as well as RCA and BNC connectors with ARK terminals (screw connector). All products are made of high-quality materials. The highest quality ensures the best possible transmission (fastest, lossless and without interruption). For this purpose, some of the offered plugs and sockets have gold-plated tips, which are characterized by the best physical and chemical properties. Check out all the products below now and choose the ones that best suit your project!

BNC connectors – how do they work and what are they used for? 

BNC connectors were invented already in the 20th century. They are still widely used - mainly for connections with coaxial cables and for connecting computer networks made of coaxial cables (eg 10BASE2). Moreover, the use of BNC type connectors also applies to measuring devices, analog and digital television systems and radio telecommunications.

As we said, BNC connectors are primarily used in coaxial cables. Their appropriate quality may affect the utility value of the entire cable, therefore the role of the connector itself in the conductivity of the entire system should never be underestimated. Coaxial cables are used to transmit signals with very high frequencies. The feature that distinguishes coaxial cables from others is very high resistance to interference. Due to the fact that in this case there is a coaxial structure, the signal inside the cable is not susceptible to the magnetic and electric field from the outside, and the internal electric and magnetic field does not affect the external field (and nearby devices).

BNC connectors largely determine the quality of cable connection  

Due to the above-described features, coaxial cables provide an excellent path for weak signals, the interference of which could cause unwanted distortions. In order to keep the signal in the same form from the transmitter on its way to the receiver, it is necessary to use the appropriate connections, which are socket and plug. For the best performance, choose the highest quality BNC connector. If you take care of the high quality of the connectors used throughout the process, then you ensure the best possible performance in terms of throughput and interference-free. BNC connectors are available in versions with only 50 Ω and 75 Ω resistance. BNC plug can affect the quality of the entire project. These types of components are used in many electronic projects that include the use of coaxial cables (mainly computer networks).

BNC plugs and sockets in Botland store 

Coaxial cable is used to transmit delicate and weak sinusoidal and digital signals (from 20 Hz to 15 GHz). When you checked how your home or work antenna is connected, when you saw a technician working on creating a computer network, you may already meet BNC plugs. So you know that the quality of the selected connectors has the greatest impact on the quality of cable transmission.

 In this sub-category of the Botland store, we propose to buy highest quality BNC connectors with gold-plated ends. Due to its very good physical and chemical properties, gold is an excellent conductor for cables of this type. In this way, the connection becomes resistant to the progressive aging process, which often causes tarnish and corrosion of the contacts. We also have industrial connectors ZP1 and ZP2 with quick couplings - you can easily connect from 2 to 7 wires. This category also includes BNC to ARK (screw) adapters and an RCA to ARK adapter. Check if you can find a BNC connector suitable for your needs. If so, contact us and we will help you choose the right BNC cable and connector!