BNC connectors

BNC connector - In our assortment you will find sockets and the BNC plug is used for connection of coaxial pipes. These are used in aparaturach measurements for signal transmission of digital television and analog radiotelekomunikacji and to connect computer networks. We also offer industrial PO1 and ZP2 with hidrotambo and RCA connectors and BNC with tips ARK (screw connection). All products are made of high quality material, ensuring the best transmission (without loss and without interference) - that part of the facilities that plugs and sockets have gold plated tips.


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BNC connectors

BNC connectors are used in coaxial cables. Suitable quality may weigh on consumer value of the whole cable. The coaxial cables used for signal transmission at very high frequencies. The feature that distinguishes the coaxial cables among others, is the very high resistance to interference. Thanks współosiowej design, the signal inside the cable is not exposed to magnetic and electric fields outside, and the internal electric field and the magnetic does not affect the external field (and nearby devices). These features make that the cables of this type are an ideal way for weak signals, the violation of which may affect the appearance of unwanted distortion. To keep the signal in the same form, from the transmitter to the receiver, it is necessary to use appropriate compounds, which are the socket and plug. Caring about the high quality of these items will ensure the best performance. BNC connectors occur in versions with resistance 50? and 75?. BNC connector can affect the quality of the entire project.

Plug and BNC socket in Botland

Coaxial cable is used to transfer a thin and weak sinusoidal signals and digital (from 20 Hz to 15 GHz). You could meet with BNC connectors, observing how connected Your antenna home or at work, when you have seen the work of a technician when creating a computer network. In offer we have high quality BNC connector with gold plated tips - thus, the compound becomes resistant to a progressive aging process, which often formed plaque and corrosion of contacts. We also have industrial connectors PO1 and ZP2 with a quick coupling - plug-from 2 to 7 wires. This category also includes adapter BNC connector on ARK (screw connection) and an adapter from RCA to ARK. Make sure that you will find in the range of BNC connector is suitable for Your needs.