Quick couplings

"Electrical quick connector" - Installed device, and in a hurry? Installation You developed the device lasts too long? Or maybe just looking for a proven and reliable method multiple connect and disconnect signals, power lines and other devices in your system? Be sure to pay attention to the quick couplings. In our product range you will find a wide variety of different connectors intended for different applications. Here are also sealed connectors wielopinowe with skręcanym bayonet closure oras simple, but necessary repairs to the blocks for electrical connections.


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Products by page

A broad range of connectors and connectors

Quick couplings are as varied and diverse as the applications in which they are used. The need to implement convenient rozłączalnych connectors there almost every sector of the electronics or energy. Regardless, whether connecting adapter power supply, input and output signals or the implementation of temporary connections in the electronics laboratory, in our offer you will find a wide selection of slots and connectors, wherein the number of lines/conclusions, a maximum operating voltage or the load bearing capacity of the bearing current.

Quick connect electrical - electrical Blocks for simple calls in the network

In energy systems for many years are applicable for the connection of electrical ankle. Traditionally used porcelain pieces installed inside the metal sleeves with screws. These screws were used for mechanical fixing of isolated parts of the electric wires in the grommet. This decision is not particularly easy and fast to install. Currently, this type of cubes was ousted and replaced by new bystrodeistviya couplings samozaciskowymi or dźwigniowymi that allows easy installation without tools.

Coaxial power connectors and signal

Connect the coaxial connection is used for high frequency signals, or where we are dealing with thin, light to the distortion of the signals. One example is the connectors used in TVs to connect the signal from the antenna or BNC connectors, used in oscyloskopach, generators and other lab equipment. With a brand of other reasons the concentric connectors used in power systems. Most power supplies frameworks are in some type of coaxial connector, where the center is the “hot” pin, and the outer part of the connector located on the potential mass. This is due to security. Exposed parts of the coupling are potential mass, and is protected by a pin is hard to close.

Wielopinowe connectors industrial

In our product range you will find a wide selection of wielopinowych couplings for industrial use. They are characterized by a damage-resistant housing which further provides an air-tight connection. This type of connectors used and can be therefore, in damp or dusty environments without risk of damage to the connector, or short circuit. In our store you will find industrial connectors with a different number of pins, the maximum operating voltage or load current. Because of this you will probably be able to pick up any connector in any application.